Friday, October 26, 2007


Okay, today started out kind of crazy. My two girls (Collette 10 & Lauren 6) have this thing about "crafting" in the mornings (and I use the term crafting very, very loosely). Lauren is a great artist and is very meticulous about getting everything just right, but Collette is kind of a "free art" kiddo. She can spend hours just cutting up pieces of white paper and sticky taping them onto another white paper and calls it "art" - I guess, in a way it is (would probably look great in some minimalist gallery or something).

Anyway, today after they finish breakfast they decide it's a marker kind of art morning and proceed to fight over who is going to use which marker (even though there are several of each color in the box). They end up fighting and Collette writes on Lauren's face with pink marker. This is all happening at about 6:45am mind you - WAAAY too early for me to want to deal with any of this. Lauren tries to wash the marker off her chin and, of course, it won't come all the way off - so now she has to go to school with a big pink mark across her chin.

On top of that, Collette has decided that her nose is stuffy and maybe she shouldn't go to school today (could it be because her sister had a field trip to the pumpkin patch today and if she doesn't go to school maybe she can come too???....hmmmm). Collette doesn't have a fever so it's probably just allergies and she IS going to school. Now the morning parade of "Help Me!'s" to get dressed begins and as I'm trying to finish my makeup, each child proceeds to parade into my bathroom carrying an assorted clothing item for my assistance to put on them (Yes, they CAN get dressed by why should they when Mom will help?)

Finally, everyone is dressed and out the door....Whew!...I have exactly 38 minutes until I have to be at the pumpkin patch for Lauren's field trip....

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