Monday, October 29, 2007

I'm saving the world!?

Okay, maybe not the whole world, but I'm doing my part....

Lauren goes to a private school (because the elementary school system totally stinks here). Every morning when I drive into the parking lot to take her to school, I'm still totally mystified by the "Parade of SUV's". Now, don't get me wrong, SUV's have their place but as a whole, I see one mom, and one or two kids driving an SUV the size of Nebraska. I drive a little Prius (I told you I was saving the world).

When parking in the school parking lot I have to be careful because if I don't park in the front of the row, I will be boxed in by giganto SUV's. There have been times where I hadn't remembered where I parked because we were in a hurry and when I go to find the car, it's dwarfed by the others and I have to walk around the back sides of the aisles so I can see my tiny little car. I'm sure all the other Mothers are thinking "look at that poor worman...what's wrong with her....she dosen't even have an SUV." My car gets on average 47 mpg so I figure I use less gas in a week than all those SUV's use just coming in and out of the parking lot on an average day.

Enough ranting for today!

Pictures went fine yesterday. Lauren has this kind of fake eyes wide open smile that she feels the need to use when taking pictures so it's always a challenge to get a real smile out of her. They turned out cute though.

I'm spending the rest of my day crafting skeleton arms and hands out of baking soda clay for Halloween party decorations at Lauren's school. Collette's school isn't allowed such frivolity - it's a public school and heaven forbid they do anything but learn what's going to be on "THE TEST" know, the one that tells the government if they're screwing up the school system well enough.

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Liz said...

In Denver, I'm so used to the SUV parade. It cracks me up that in Napa people drive them. There's so much ice and snow that requires 4 wheel drive.

I love your music, by the way.... usually I hate it on blogs but yours is great.