Friday, November 16, 2007

A funny thing happened on the way to the Mailbox...

This little piece of laughter is supplied by my Mom, who is a letter carrier...You know..."Neither Rain, Nor Snow, Nor Sleet, Nor Hail..." Well, read on to find out what "might" stop them...

Mom recently had surgery on her knee and has a few weeks of "light duty" left at work until she can get out and carry her route again. It seems that yesterday at the Post Office where she works, the guy who goes around collecting the mail from all those mailboxes on the corners had to go home sick so there was no one to collect the mail. Well, there were two people on light duty that day - my Mom and another lady with her arm in a sling. Mom can't drive and the lady can't lift so they sent them out together in a postal minivan to collect the mail...(you can tell this is getting good huh?)

They go out in this van and although the lady can drive, her right arm is in a sling so she can't start the car or shift it into gear. Every time they need to drive, Mom has to reach across from the passenger side and turn the car key or put the car into Park and Drive!

The Post Office kindly supplied them with a list of where all the mailboxes were that needed collecting. However, they failed to cross out the locations where boxes had been removed! So Mom and the lady are driving around looking for mailboxes that simply aren't there. They're pulling over, rolling down the window and asking people on the street if they know where the boxes are located! - Can't you just picture these two letter carriers driving around in a mail van asking people where the mailboxes are?? - TOO FUNNY!!

Eventually, they did find all the existing boxes and got the mail in - but what a comedy of errors getting it done was!

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