Thursday, November 1, 2007

The Haunted Yard...

I told you I would post the pics of the front yard so here it goes...

The very last of the decorations went out yesterday afternoon. We spent the morning at Lauren's school watching her Halloween parade (too cute! - there was even a 2nd grader dressed as Elvis - love it!). Both Collette & Lauren's schools got out early so we had all afternoon to finish the final touches.

Trick-or-treating last night was kind of odd.....maybe because the time usually changes the weekend before Halloween and this year it's the weekend after (whoever decided to change it certainly didn't have small kids who need to get to bed at a reasonable time). We didn't have nearly as many trick-or-treaters this year either. We usually give out about four or five big Costco size bags of candy and didn't even finish the second one last night. (This is not a good development because now we have two BIG bags of candy just sitting around...wayyy too tempting....maybe I can save them and use them in school goodie bags at Christmas).

Hope you had a fun night trick-or-treating! Thanksgiving is ONLY three weeks from today...EEEK!

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