Friday, November 2, 2007

The House Fairy...

I wanted to share this little gem with you because it has be a HUGE help for me.

My kids hated cleaning their rooms (don't most kids?). Until I found the House Fairy - - the premise of this is that the House Fairy is Santa Claus's sister and he sends her all around the world to check on the kids during the rest of the year when he's not watching them. If the kids rooms are neat then she leaves a sprinkling of "fairy dust" and maybe a little gift (anything from stickers or a pack of gum to movie tickets - whatever you decide).

The House Fairy visits our house on a random basis (sometimes every week, sometimes every other week - the point is that they never know when she's coming so their rooms always have to be neat) and checks on their rooms. It's a fantastic program and has worked miracles at our house - thought I'd share it with others - give it a try - I know having clean kid rooms (especially around the holidays) is always one less thing to worry about.

(Just in case you were wondering...I am in no way affiliated with - except that I use it for my kids.)

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