Monday, November 5, 2007

Intolerance....It's not just for Lactose anymore...

Saturday morning, Collette had a friend over to play. The girls are both ten years old, so it never occurred to me that the Mom (who shall henceforth be called "mumzy") would feel the need to stay the whole time (I might have done this when my kids were preschoolers - but 4th & 5th graders?) - don't get me wrong - I totally understand staying for a few minutes to check things out since they'd never been to our house before - just to make sure we weren't some kind of weirdos or something....but the whole two hours??

Since Mumzy made it very obvious she was not going anywhere, I invited her to sit down & proceeded with the obligatory "cocktail party" kind of chat. Mumzy did not stop talking the entire time...which was okay with me because as she droned on, it became very obvious we had absolutely NOTHING in common. At one point, she started on about this concert she and her husband had gone to (five years ago). I finally got a word in and said that the only concerts Eric and I get to anymore are a very popular children's singing group from Australia - which is fine with us because we LOVE them. Mumzy got this odd look on her face and said, "Oh, we don't believe in them...they'". At this point I am trying my best to control my irritation with her and explained to her "No they're not, they have wives and children - we've met them!" (I must tell you that we are HUGE fans and I was personally offended by her lack of knowledge and insinuations). This was not the only time during our conversation that Mumzy offered her views on others...she had an opinion on everything from Halloween to people of other nationalities. All the while extolling what a wonderfully religious person she is!!!

I have always known people like this existed in the world...but until Saturday morning, I had never actually met one. I was personally offended by at least 75% of what Mumzy had to say that morning. Although her daughter is very sweet, I'm not sure I want them over here again - I don't think I can be cordial to her.

I want my children to grow up accepting of others, no matter what their nationality or anything else might be - I just can't stop thinking of this woman and how she's totally convinced that her "beliefs" are the steadfast rule all should follow. Maybe if everyone was more accepting there could be more peace in not only our own lives, but the whole world.

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