Sunday, November 18, 2007

LISTERINE WHITENING® Quick Dissolving Strips

I belong to this really awesome word-of-mouth company called "Buzz-Agent" and occasionally, they will send us some samples of a product to try out and let people know about the product and if we like it or not.

I just wanted to pass along something really great that I recently got to try out. They're LISTERINE WHITENING® Quick Dissolving Strips. WOW, they work great! They work just like other whitening strips, except you don't have to remove them! Just brush your teeth, apply the strips and go about anything you would normally do - they dissolve in your mouth and you're left with clean-feeling, whiter teeth.

Try some for yourself - or sign up to become a Buzz Agent yourself at Buzz Agent - Listerine you can use one of these codes:


Check it out today!

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