Friday, November 23, 2007

The Thanksgiving Chronicles

Yesterday was Thanksgiving - a day that I usually dread because of all the work involved. For some reason, this year was different...

First, my house was pretty much company-ready thanks to flylady. The only things I had to do yesterday morning were my usually routines (swish & swipe the restroom and clean a few things off from the kitchen counter) and my house was ready to go!

Second, after thirteen years of hosting Thanksgiving, I finally decided to relinquish control of the food. I listed the basic things we had to have to make Thanksgiving complete: Turkey (of course!), Stuffing, Mashed Potatoes and Gravy, Veggies, Bread and Desserts. I assigned each family a dish to bring with them and cooked the Turkey and Stuffing myself. I used the Turkey Recipe in the Thanksgiving Planner at saving dinner which means that the only time I actually touched the turkey all day was after the first 30minutes when I put some foil on it (definitely try this recipe next year - NO BASTING required!!)

Third, I actually got to spend time with my guests, I mixed cocktails and chatted. The smash hit of the day was Stirrings Lemon Drop cocktail mixer. It was sooo yummy! I got mine at Cost Plus World Market, but you can find stores at stirrings definitely something I would go out of my way to find in the future.

Dinner conversation was quite amusing. My Mom and Dad have one of those white noise kind of machines in their bedroom that makes cricket sounds and were talking about "listening to the crickets". My Grandma (Nana) thought they meant real crickets and she went on and on about how bugs don't belong in the house. (Can you believe it, she thought they had like a cage of crickets in the bedroom. One that they could turn on and off at that!) It was pretty funny!

While we were having fun with Nana, Dad was joking about selling his house and buying one of those giganto fancy RV's to travel in. Nana, of course, thought he was serious and before you know it, the whole rest of the table got involved in the conversation (five other adults!). They were all trying to talk Dad out of this decision to be "footloose and fancy free". It was absolutely hilarious - I told Dad I'd get him one of those dancing bobble-head kind of hula girls for the dashboard for Christmas! To this minute, Mom, Dad and I are the only ones who know he was just kidding.

Yes, it was definitely a good Thanksgiving. I'm now convinced I have been insane the last twelve years, cooking, rushing around, and trying to do it all alone. Here's to next year!

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