Friday, November 9, 2007

Conquering the Mountain...

There have been many great people who have challenged themselves and conquered "The Mountain"...Sir Edmund Hillary conquered Mt Everest, Dr Michel-Gabriel Paccard conquered Mt. Blanc and Hermann Buhl conquered Nanga Parbat.

Today, I will become among those brave enough to face my challenge head on. I will not be outside...or even at high altitudes...the mountain I have in my sights is none other than the famous "Mt. Washmore".

Until a few years ago, I was fairly sure this household headache was at my home exclusively. That was until I became an official "flybaby" following our ever fearless Flylady. It became clearer and clearer to me that this "mountain" lives in many homes - especially in those with children in residence.

My nemesis did not form through the movement of tectonic plates or volcanic eruption. Mine formed slowly...starting as a small bundle - not quite enough for a full load - "why waste water?" I'd think & vow to add more to this small bundle to make a full load tomorrow. Tomorrow comes and well, maybe I should do a load of towels instead...The bundle turns into a small hill. The next day, a "bleach load"...The small hill turns into a big hill. "Mom, I need a clean school uniform for tomorrow"...Emergency load. Mt Washmore is now in it's towering glory.

I know, I're going to ask me.."why don't you just do more than one load?". Good Question! My intentions are good, but inevitably, I put the load into the washer and get sidetracked doing something else...before you know it, the kids are putting on their PJ's and I rush to put the wet stuff into the dryer. With any luck, I'll remember to take the items needed for the next day out of the dryer before I go to bed!

I mentioned earlier that I was a "fluttering flybaby" - Flylady would have had me set my timer when I put the laundry in so it would beep when the load is done and remind me to "re-boot" it. Don't ask me why I haven't done this in the past, but look where not doing it has gotten me.

Today...Today, however is THE day I will conquer my nemesis Mt. Washmore. I will set my timer and re-boot my laundry. I will excavate that precipice before the weekend as part of my "Taking care you Yourself" program. Just seeing that glob and having to rush with emergency loads everyday is draining my "inner peace", so...

Bye-Bye Mt. Washmore...Hello Inner Peace!

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