Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Think like a Bee...

Just a quick note: I've temporarily paused the music on the site so if you want to watch the movie trailer you can actually hear it. If you want the music, scroll to the bottom and click the arrow button on the playlist. I'll put the music back on tomorrow.

We went to see "The Bee Movie" yesterday. It was pretty funny - definitely had quite a few laugh out loud moments.

I also learned something pretty interesting...

There is a phenomena called "Colony Collapse Disorder" occurring with honey bees worldwide. It seems that honeybees are simply disappearing...wow, I wasn't aware of this. So much of our existence depends on those little fuzzy, buzzy guys.

Read about it at Burts Bees website

One way to save the bees is to plant flower seeds. Burts Bees is giving away a free pack of flower seeds just for signing up. Get your free seeds here.

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