Monday, December 10, 2007

The Shopping Stint...

Eric and I did some of our shopping Saturday - Toys 'R Us was first - both the girls have asked Santa for a Baby Alive. We got to the doll aisle and, of course, there are several versions of this doll. Do we get the one that poops and pees or the one that just pees, but drinks from a sippy cup, or the one that just pees and drinks from a bottle?? We decide that the prospect of whatever the food is made of rotting in the tube from one end to the other is just too icky to imagine so we go for the non-poop version. Bottle or Sippy??? Bottle is more baby-like so we pull from the shelf a brunette and a blonde version of the doll. Collette wants one of those fur-real friends talking parrots - WOW they're $70! A very kind lady lets us know that they're only $55 at Walmart. I thank her profusely and we're off to checkout and drive to the nearest Walmart (15 miles away).

We arrive at Walmart and, of course they've rearranged the entire store so we have to search for the toy dept. This place is a madhouse, you can't even walk down the aisle so we grab good ole Polly and head for the checkout. Next problem...Polly won't shut up! How are we going to drive around all day, much less drive the girls home with Polly chatting away in the back of Eric's Minivan?? We're in the parking lot and Eric is searching for the way to turn Polly off - there isn't one that's obvious. He's holding it upside down trying to wrangle the bottom of the box open and...Polly is quiet. I say "hey, maybe she doesn't work upside down" we load her into the car...Polly starts singing. Twenty minutes later, we maneuver our way around the back of Polly to find her actual switch - while still in the box (not easy) and turn Polly off.

Next to the's getting late so we decide to have dinner. We find a really cute Irish Pub up the street from the mall and go in for our "date" dinner. The food is good, the atmosphere reminds me of an actual British pub - Eric and I discuss the new business we are going to start after the first of the year. We have a good time (and I don't have to play tic-tac-toe, or color, or escort anyone to the bathroom even once!).

Back up the street to the mall. We can't find absolutely anything that the girls wanted so after about an hour, we decide to get some coffee and go. Starbucks has a line, so Eric thinks this mom & pop place should be fine "how can they mess up coffee" I believe are his exact words. We order our Mocha and Peppermint Mocha and wait, watching the two teenagers working there fumble around at making these coffees - we become a little concerned when they go into the back room with our cups & come out to steam the chocolate milk IN THE CUP! We take our coffee and stop in the store next door on the way out....Eric is wrong - you CAN mess up coffee! EEEEWWWW...I take the coffees back & get a refund - on to Starbucks (where we should have gone in the FIRST place!!)

We drive the hour back to Eric's parents house and pick up the girls - they made lollipops, and gingerbread cookies.

We take our children and drive the twenty miles back home, in a quiet car......when all of a sudden Polly starts to say "Hello".....

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