Friday, December 14, 2007

Where, oh Where has my Engagement Ring Gone??...

Last night was a very sad night. I came home from running errands and was unloading keys, blackberry, etc onto the appropriate hooks & holders when it happened...I dropped my engagement ring. In those few short, slow-motion moments, I heard a thud - the sound of metal on wood and it was gone. I immediately checked the floor....not a shiny thing in site. I looked under the stove (eeeewww - I really must put cleaning under there on my to do list)...nothing.

It had been a really long, one-thing-after-the-other day, and this was the last straw...and so I sat there on the kitchen floor with tears in my eyes, hoping that it would catch my eye. Eric came in and saw me - a blubbering mass - and I told him what had happened. He helped me look everywhere, but it was not to be found. We decided that it must be under the stove, but was not visible by just shining the flashlight under there.

So Eric decided he'd pull the stove out and see if he could find it (a manly show of affection - "Me love you...Me move heavy thing for you.."). He pulls the stove out, but we have a gas stove so it only goes so far before the gas line is as far as it will go. He has about 2 1/2 feet of space behind the stove so he climbs on top of the counter, shoves his feet back there, maneuvers under the upper cabinets and vent hood and finally squeezes back behind the stove (this was a pretty hilarious endeavor). fat zero. Now of course, he has to get out (even funnier than getting in).

The kids are hungry and dinner must be started so we push the stove back and vow to look again tomorrow. It's not actually lost...I mean, it's somewhere in the kitchen so there is some solace in that...but it's calling my beautiful diamond and platinum engagement ring. I still have my wedding band, but it's just not the wow.

Today I will search. I will be like CSI and shine my flashlight in every crevice of the kitchen...I will not stop until I find it....


steven wilson said...

I hope you have found your ring.I lost a pocket knife in my house that I have never found for some odd reason.
I can picture your husband getting in,and out from behind the stove I have been there myself.

Best of luck with the ring.

Chris said...

Did you ever find it? I know of a guaranteed way to recover the lost engagement ring- Get yourself a new one! No sooner will be on your finger that the old one will turn up, probably in a place that you were certain you looked at least 74 times.