Monday, January 28, 2008

Clearing out the Clutter...

The holidays are over and we're still taking down Christmas decorations. I'm at the point where I'm embarrassed to open the blinds on the front windows because the neighbors will see we still have our tree up. Going on vacation threw us all off kilter - having Collette's birthday party somewhere other than our house didn't help either (we're usually rushing to get everything down after new years so we can decorate for her party). Taking down the holiday decor is not a small task at our house either, we have no fewer than 37 big rubbermaid tubs full of Christmas's a daunting task. Along with taking down the massive amounts of holiday decorations, for me, comes the urge to scrub everything down and put it back to "normal" so I can once again obtain that elusive "visual peace" that I find so vital to my peace of mind. It's at this time of the year I feel the need to purge all unwanted, unused, unnecessary items from my home so we can have proper places for all the new "stuff" that came in during the last couple of months (We have Christmas gifts + Birthday gifts!).

Lauren was so terribly bored the over the weekend and it seemed that no activity I came up with was appealing to her so I gave her a grocery bag and told her to find ten things in her room that were still good, but that she no longer played with, wanted or loved. She was thrilled and set off to complete her task. Fifteen minutes later, she came back with her assignment complete, huge smile on her face because she knew she had done a good thing. Eric proceeded to quiz her about what she was getting rid of and then me about what I was going to do with it. I told him it would be a great idea to donate it so that someone else could love it too (and it would be out of our house quickly). Eric was sort of upset (he feels we should save it all up and sell it at a garage sale).

Here's my issue with the "garage sale" scenario. You never sell everything, there's always "stuff" left over and then you save it for another garage sale? The amount of money you get for most "stuff" is so minimal that it would never really be worth having to store all the stuff, lug it out, spend two days hovering over it and then haul it back into the garage only to store it some more. Did I mention that I'm also not allowed to store the "stuff" in the garage (Eric has a store on Ebay for some extra income and uses the garage as his work area) so where does all the "stuff" go while we are waiting for this "sale of all sales"?....are we supposed to keep everything that ever comes into our house? It's making me crazy!!

Soooo, my dilemma.... Keep everything and make myself (and the girls) crazy?....Take it and donate it when Eric's at work (not any of his "stuff" mind you, just mine and the girls)?....Make piles all over my house of "stuff" that needs to go and save it for that ever elusive garage sale?...

I'm not sure what the solution to this problem is??...maybe I'll call Flylady on her next radio show and see what she has to say about this issue....what do you think? I am a firm believer in the theory of "you can't organize clutter" so it seems vital to me to rid our home of it....who knows??

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P.S.: I wrote this post on Friday, so I am happy to announce that that nine foot wonder formerly known as a Christmas tree is now safely in our attic - the rest, however is another story...


blogengage said...

Oh I really need to take some of the advice your offering here. I've been collecting things in my house so long now I OMG some of it has to go!

Thanks for sharing :)

sheepy said...

you give em all away. and as for your hubby's stuff, put a life to them. stuff that don't get sold in a month, in 2 months, all go out. all this clutter cannot be helping you physically, mentally or psychologically.