Friday, January 18, 2008

Friday Free Stuff

Welcome to the 2nd edition of Pink Lemonade's Friday Free Stuff!

Here are the top freebies I've found this week:

Bourbon Street Blends - Seasoning Blends, Batters, Marinades and Spices from Old New Orleans - Join their Blend of the Month Club and receive a free sample of one of Chef Ron's savory blended creations or spices every month!

Childcare Zones is offering a sample of a free 3D wooden toy puzzle.

EmergenC is offering a great sample pack and lets you send samples to friends too! Click on "Share the Good".

Kroger Grocery Stores is offering several free samples.

LEGO Magazine is offering a free 2 year subscription. Just click on your country in the blue right-hand column.

Bari Gail Chocolates free sample.

Petpick-ups handy for walking the pooch! Click on "Free Sample" bottom left of page.

Pucker Up Baby cold sore treatment sample.

PURPLE Engergy Drink.

It's time to do great things with Shrimp Recipe Book from SeaPak.

South Beach Diet Sample Kit.

Fiber 35 FitSmart Bar.

Crazy named purfume samples from Weird Fragrances.

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Grace said...

Thanks for the heads-up on Emergen-C I love that stuff!

Petula Wright said...

These are great! Thanks a lot for posting this.