Thursday, January 31, 2008

A Guilty American Pleasure...

I'm kind of ashamed to admit it, but one of my favorite guilty pleasures just started again a few weeks ago...Yes...American Idol. I say that I'm ashamed to admit it because Eric gives me a bad time for watching, telling me it's a brainless show and how can I stand it? (Like Flash Gordon and The Bionic Woman are little cinematic works of art or something!). I enjoy watching all the singers and the different renditions of songs we've heard a thousand times before.

This season of Idol is just beginning, we're still watching the audition process- which can be quite funny at times. I think, somehow, Simon is a kinder and gentler version this year. He doesn't seem to be nearly as rude and we hear kind words coming from him on occasion - even toward some of the less talented auditioners. Heck, he's even smiling more - it's nice to see!

I am, however taken aback at some of the shows cruelness during the audition process. Yes, it is funny to watch really bad singers who think they're great try out...but it breaks my heart for he screeners to send people into the Judges who are obviously mentally challenged or who have heartbreaking stories to tell, like the seventeen year old girl who was trying out to make her disabled Mother proud and was absolutely devastated when she was turned down. I know it makes for sensational TV, but have a little compassion (let them try out, but don't humiliate them on national TV).

I've had some good fun watching the performers over the years,rooting along at home, even voting for a few of my favorites and cringing over contestants like Sanjaya who just could not get voted off, no matter how hard we tried. I believe one of the best singers ever to come out of American Idol, even though he didn't win, was Chris Daughtry, although there have been others that I truly enjoy. Do I own a Taylor Hicks CD?...Yes....Do I have Blake Lewis and Chris Daughtry on my Ipod?.....Of course I do!....Will I continue to enjoy one of my guilty pleasures, no matter how bad a time Eric gives me?.....You Betcha!

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cube said...

I can't compare years 1-5, because we never watched Idol until season 6 when we began to watch as a family.

Season 7 seems to have more sad cases, than funny ones. I much prefer to see Jennifer the Hotness than the seriously mentally ill or drug rehab cases we've seen recently. Sheesh.

BTW I don't have Blake Lewis on my Ipod, but I did touch his arm. My eldest daughter was introduced to the whole final 10 by Phil. She still has not come back down to earth from that night.

Peapodsquadmom said...

I'm such a fan of AI. One of our friends made it to #7 2 seasons ago. Anwar...fabulous singer/songwriter/pianist. We were so proud of him and got even more addicted to the phenomenon after that experience.

I totally agree with your opinion that the sensationalism of it all as spun a bit out of control, though. I feel so awful for some of those kids.