Tuesday, January 15, 2008

My Shining Star...

My little Lauren has been doing gymnastics since she turned three (she's now "almost six and a half" as she puts it)(no, this isn't a picture of her - it's Olga Corbet from the Olympics in the 70's). Yesterday, we got a letter from her gym that said she had tested very well and was a candidate for their "competition program". She has longed to earn a trophy for about a year now and I think she would have a grand time "showing off". Eric, however, has a different view of this development. He thinks that she is too young to be focused on such things and wants her to be a kid. I agree with the kid part, but can't she be a kid and do what she loves to do? Part of me, though, doesn't want to blow an opportunity for her that could mean college scholarships, etc...

We haven't told her about this yet, mostly because if we do tell her, she'll for sure want to compete. Of course, there's the money aspect...if she's competing, she'll have to go to the gym more than once a week and, of course, that will cost more (I can't help but think of Jeff Bridges as the gymnastics coach in "Stick It" telling every Mom that her daughter was going on the fast track to elite gymnastics just to get more money out of them).

I'm going to the meeting with the coaches next Tuesday evening just to see what this whole thing entails...maybe it requires more than I'm willing to commit my six year old to right now...maybe not (I mean, how much can they expect from a six year old afterall), we'll see.

Leave me a comment - let me know what you think about it...

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Sue said...

Here's a quick google scholar:

"Conclusion As the risk of injuries sustained by young athletes can be significant, it is essential that training programmes take into account their physical and psychological immaturity, so that growing athletes can adjust to their own body changes."

Department of Orthopaedic Surgery, University of Aberdeen Medical School,


I don't think it's a sport that promotes a lifetime of wellness.

Kellie said...

That is so cool! I know that whatever decisions you guys make will be the right one. ((((HUGS))))

Is that a picture of your daughter? She looks very talented!!