Tuesday, January 29, 2008

A Sad, Sad Wiggly Day...

It's finally happened....after six years in a row of attending Wiggles concerts every spring, this year...we're not going.

Now some parents would be elated at this news as one more rendition of "Hot Potato" or "Big Red Car" might drive them to the looney bin. But I, on the other hand, really enjoy those silly kids songs.

I've watched my Children grow up singing and dancing to those four Australian guys in their brightly colored skivies (t-shirts to us yanks). I've danced right along with them more times than I can count. I've been a regular visitor and sometimes, a contributor on the Wiggles Message Boards (which is really cool, because some of the guys actually answer questions and post regularly). I even went to great lengths to get Collette into a special "meet and greet" with them last spring when they were in San Jose.

I am proud to say that we actually own every Wiggles DVD released here in the US and we still watch them regularly. Last year, when Greg Page (a founding member and the original yellow Wiggle) retired due to health reasons, Sam Moran took over his spot. Now don't get me wrong, Sam is a very talented singer and is very competent in his spot, but it was at this time that the group decided to "go back to it's roots" of singing educational songs for preschoolers. My kids have decided that these "nursery rhyme" type songs are just too babyish for them and this year, the concert is not on their list of "must-do's" for the year as it always has been in years past.

Call me crazy, but I'm pretty disappointed. The energy and fun at these shows is just so big, it can't even be described. Plus, I won't get to see my dear Captain Feathersword in person - sheesh...take away all my fun!

Do you think people would think I'm just a bit looney if I went to a concert all by myself? I could even bring my own sign that reads "Pink Lemonade Mom loves Captain Feathersword"...what do you think??...too over the top?? I guess it's just one of those facts of life that we must all deal with...the kids don't want to hold you hand anymore in public...they don't want a kiss goodbye at school where other kids can see...and now they don't want to love the Wiggles along with me anymore...just another rite of passage...for them, not me...

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blogengage said...

I would so think you're a loony if you went by yourself HAHA but on the other hand I enjoy watching kid shows/movies too... hehe I would still get a laugh if you went solo :) People would be like, what is she some kid snatcher or something why is she all alone at a kids concert lol

Abhinav Sood said...

Sad! But yeah that happens PLM. I myself turned 18 just the last month, and sometimes feel like my mom's crazy when she wants me to do things that I used to do since I was a kid to till now, but don't like to no more.

Inspirit | Blog

Qweenie said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog a while back, sorry I am so late with my thank yous.....

I say go to the concert anyway, borrow someone else's kids if you have to!!

Don't you just hate it when the kiddos start to grow up.....*sigh*


Peapodsquadmom said...

I love me some Wiggles. But oh how I miss Greg. I had a bit of a crush (shh!!) on him. We've never gotten to see them live, but I know the peapod squad would have a blast.

Sorry you're not going to get to see Captain Feathersword. Arrrrgh.

Grace said...

I feel your pain...we didn't go this year either and I missed it...so no YOU ARE NOT...I repeat...NOT weird.

On the other hand I'm still laughing about the sign idea!