Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Artwork, Artwork....Everywhere!

DaVinci painted the Mona Lisa...Rodin sculpted "The Thinker"...and Michelangelo painted the Sistine Chapel. They were all great artists - people still flock to see their works in person...but do you think their Moms ever wondered what to do with all their artwork when they were kids??

Are your children prolific artists?? Are your walls and refrigerator teaming with more tempera paintings and crayola drawings than you cold ever fit into an ordinary storage box...or even the louvre?? Do you feel ashamed because even after you've sent art to all the relatives, you still sneak some into the trash at night (after the kids have gone to bed, of course) because there's just so much you can't find a place for it all?? If you answered "yes" to even one of these questions, then it you, my friend, need some sort of "Alternate Artwork Storage"...

After very proudly displaying a wine cork and lumber sculpture, very beautifully splotched with kelly green and lemon yellow paint behind glass in my living room entertainment center for several years, I decided that there must be a better way. I loved the art my daughters created and wanted them to be proud of it, but I also didn't want my home to turn completely into the "Musee de Crayola".

My dear Husband, Mr. Pink, came up with a brilliant all their precious artwork on disk! Simply scan the masterpieces into your computer, or take pictures of sculptures, etc. with your digital camera. As you do this, save them in a file on your computer and at the end of the year, make them into a snazzy little slideshow to burn onto a disk. If you get really creative and mix in some awesome pics of your little Picasso...voila, not only do you have a wonderful documentation of your child's year, but it makes an awesome Christmas gift for those hard to buy for Grandparents!

What a wonderful Parent you are!....You are preserving memories for your children... providing your parents with original and clutter-free gifts...and you are keeping your home clutter-free too!!.... You won't even have to feel guilty about sneaking out to the trash can late at night!


monkey tale said...

I remember those days when the refrigerator was plastered with art. The kids' mother saved most of it and put it in binder type books I believe.

Crafty said...

Oh, I hope you do save a few things. When my grandmother died and we were going through her things, I found something I had made her when I was very little. In her jewelry drawer, tucked in a jeweler's box was a bracelet I had made for her. It was a heart cut out of construction paper and hung on a piece of blue sewing thread. I spelled her name wrong on the 'charm' even. It made me cry to think that she had kept it all these years and held such a place of honor in her jewelry drawer.

I do like the idea of taking pictures and making albums but be sure to keep a few things even if they are tucked away somewhere and only seen occasionally.

I kept the bracelet and jewelry box. It's something I'll always treasure.