Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Ten Foods that Soothe Stress...

The other day, I posted about the six foods you should banish from your life if you want to have any chance at being healthy....but being healthy is more than just cutting out transfats and empty calories...reducing your stress level has a huge effect on our overall health. Here are ten foods that will help lower those stress levels (courtesy of Kaboose):

Blueberries: They’ve got tons of vitamin C, which is what your body uses as fuel when your heart is racing. Crammed with antioxidants (those molecules that fight free radicals that damage your cells), which repair and protect your body from the effects of stress.

Almonds: A few almonds will keep your heart from racing when panic attacks. They help lower your blood pressure and keep oxygen flowing throughout the body.

Spinach: Provides a huge amount of magnesium. Magnesium is a mineral that helps lower your stress level by keeping you in a calm state.

Tuna: Naturally loaded with Omega-3 fatty acids that help keep your adrenaline from spiraling out of control.

Oranges: Stress can delete your storage of vitamin C, which is something your body does not produce naturally. Vitamin C helps your immune system function under stress more efficiently.

Milk: Milk’s calcium can be a soothing remedy for anxiety, and help you to restore tranquility. A small glass will also give you a dose of vitamin B2 when you’re feeling a little restless.

Bananas: This naturally prepackaged fruit is full of potassium, a mineral that can help reduce tension.

Sweet Potatoes: Not really a potato, these roots are good source of vitamin B6, which help support a wide range of activities in your nervous system and help give you a major dose of relaxation.

Brown Rice: This delicious, nutty-flavored grain has compounds to relieve stress and anxiety while simultaneously improving concentration. It’s also great source of B complex vitamins and fiber

Avocados: A great nutritional enhancer that helps the body absorb other vital nutrients, avocados are filled with potassium and vitamin E, which can help when your nerves are in overdrive.

So...when you're feeling stressed out, grab a handful of almonds or a banana or another food on the list. It won't stop your six year old from whining or refusing to go to bed on time, but it might just make you feel calmer about it!


Paula said...

Thanks for the list. I am truly working on creating a healthier lifestyle for myself...with food choices being on the top of the list. Nutrition is the first place to look when dealing with stress (dis ease) and illness. Unfortunately most Doctors just want to write presciptions instead. Like mama are what you eat right?!

Vashonnte said...

YAY! you made me feel so healthy! these are some of my favorite foods! I have really been trying to be healthy lately after having 2 kids and gaining 70 pounds. Honestly I was really hoping to see chocolate chip cookies on this list but I guess not every dream can come true!