Monday, February 25, 2008

What's on your Life List?

So.... last week was my Birthday (thank you, everyone for your birthday greetings!), and it occurred to me that Birthdays are more than just a day to eat cake and celebrate that you've made it through another year.... Birthdays are also a good time to look at your life - where you've been.... and where you're going...

I was reading a magazine article the other day about "Life Lists". Apparently, we're all supposed to have made a list of things we want to do in our lives at around the age of 20... Why didn't I know about this? I'm now, like, 23 years behind... I'll never catch up!

There are books about these lists "1,000 Places to see before you die", "No Opportunity Wasted" and "1,001 things to do before you buy the farm" (I actually bought this for Eric as a joke gift!)... There are websites 43 Things and even a movie "Bucket List". I am told that these types of lists allow us to "focus on our innermost goals" and "clearly define personal desires and things we want to achieve" which, apparently is the first step to realizing our dreams (who knew?).

So, I started thinking about what kinds of things might be on my Life List... Live in a foreign country for a a year?... Nope, the time for that passed about 20 years ago. Learn to speak a foreign language... fluently... well, maybe - but not likely. I know, how about meet George Clooney.. hey... now we're getting somewhere!

Well, after pondering for a really, really (did I say really?) long time, I finally came up with a list - here it goes (in no particular order):

1. Kiss my Husband under the Eiffel Tower (no, not the one in Las Vegas, and no, not the one in Epcot - the real one)

2. Spend a month in Australia.

3. Visit every wacky attraction on the website Roadside America (yes, I'm the kind of person who will drive 50 miles out of our way to see the worlds biggest ball of twine!)

4. Ride a Gondola in Venice (I've already done the one at the Venetian in Las Vegas - Real Italy this time)

5. Visit Norway, where my ancestors are from.

6. Go to a Ball (a la Cinderella)

7. Stay in the Cinderella's Castle suite in the Magic Kingdom at Disneyworld.

8. Spend Christmas in a cabin in the mountains with my entire family - there must be snow (we have NO snow in the Napa Valley - well, on the hills, but I'm on the valley floor)

9. Open a private school for special needs kiddos like Collette.

10. Catch Fireflies with my kids (we don't have fireflies in California).

11. Cook dinner with Gordon Ramsay, make that Alton Brown (Although Gordon is really cute, he would yell at me if I made a mistake - Alton, on the other hand, would laugh and find some scientific way to fix it! - plus, he's cute too!).

There it is - my Life List out there for all the world to see. Do I feel more focused on my goals.... uuuhhhmm, no. Do I know what I want out of life now that I didn't know before?.... well..... nope. Will it give me something to look back on in another 23 years and feel guilty about not completing my list?.... you betcha! But hey, aren't lists made just to be left undone?...

I'll cut myself some slack, after all... I'm 23 years behind!!

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