Monday, February 11, 2008

You may ziggle, but I Zwaggle!!

How many times have you been through this scenario......

You're kids have so many things that their rooms are overflowing and you're at the end of your last nerve trying to keep everything in order. Their drawers are overflowing - you can barely shove another pair of pajamas in the drawer, much less all the laundry you need to put away. Let's not mention the five pointy-type toys you stepped on getting into their room on your way to shove those clothes into the dresser. You scream in pain as you peruse the wound on your foot and tell your child that if they don't clean their room, you're going to throw everything away and they'll have nothing left to clean up.

Now, you don't really intend to throw all their stuff away, but no matter how many times you nag...politely request, they just can't seem to keep that room picked up. Well parents, it's NOT their fault!!....yes, you heard me right!....they just simply have way too much "stuff". We want our kids to be happy, so we give them lots of "stuff"....and their grandparents give them lots of "stuff"....and their relatives give them lots of "stuff"....and their friends give them lots of "stuff" at birthday parties.... Before you know it, their rooms are so full of "stuff" that they don't even really know what to play with, so "they're bored", or "there's nothing to play with" - have you ever gotten this??....even just after Christmas when your house is brimming with new "stuff"?? They're overwhelmed...

Sit down with your child and have a chat about how they have so much stuff they can't even play with it all. If you ask them to get rid of ten things that they no longer love, but are still in good shape, I bet it would take your child about two minutes to decided which things to give away. Do this several days a week until your child has a more manageable amount of "stuff". You'll both be happier - their rooms will be clean because it will be easier to keep up and you won't have to nag...ask them nicely...over...and over...and over again and feel like a rotten parent.

Go through their drawers and closets. Young children grow so quickly, if it's next seasons clothing and just barely fits them now it probably won't fit by the time they're ready to wear it. Anything that is snug or too small now, gather it up. Laundry time will be so much easier when you're not folding laundry for hours at a time or having to shove things into drawers to make them fit.

Now the age old question....what to do with all that stuff..... Well, you could donate it to charity - this is probably your quickest and most efficient way to get rid of excess "stuff". Just be sure not to donate "stuff" that no one would want, be sure to give them only things that they would actually be able to sell. Your next option (my Husband's favorite) is to save the "stuff" and have a Garage Sale (or Tag Sale, in some parts of the country). The only problem with this is that you must store all your "stuff" for an undetermined amount of time and even when you're done, you'll still have lots of "stuff" left over that nobody purchased so you'll have to give it away anyway.

But now there's also another option:

is a great new site for parents. Zwaggle is an online community for parents to share with other parents. Using their points based sharing system, parents spend less money, time and resources providing for their children.

Zwaggle provides members with a trusted place to:

- give away used goods that are no longer needed by your family
- receive value from their used goods via their proprietary points based system, called Zoints
- use those Zoints to obtain items you need for your family

By using Zwaggle, families are able to eliminate clutter, outfit their children, and participate in a trusted, on-line community of like-minded parents, while conserving our precious resources: time, money and the environment - leaving more of these for our children.

Become a member either via a referral from a friend/family member/co-worker or by clicking on the Join Zwaggle button on their site.

Earn Zoints through many activities, including: -signing up -referring a friend who joins and -sharing your item with another member.

Find goods for your children either by browsing the easy to use category list or by being notified when an item on your Wish List becomes available.

Use the Zoints you've earned to acquire the item you need either in person or by using their integrated FedEx shipping tool.

Your children will enjoy their new items and you will enjoy using Zoints instead of cash!

One of the best features of all is that Zwaggle also offers the option of giving your points to a charity so that they can use your points to get things for families in need. Hmmmm...lets see....getting rid of extra "stuff".....making sure the people who get it really want it...and....being able to help a charity...sounds like a winning combination to me!

So the next time you're nagging at...gently asking your child to clean their room, think about the fact that they're doing their best, they just probably have too much "stuff".

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Les Becker said...

I gave up long ago - the kid is a pack-rat. She comes by it honestly, mind you; gets it from me.

I've been changing my tune, though - I have been slowly getting rid of EVERYTHING other than clothes, necessary furniture and my electronics over the past year.

The only time I touch her stuff is when it overflows into "my" space, whereupon I toss it in a laundry basket and plunk it in the middle of her room. Doesn't really work, but at least I can close the door.

Kat Olivares said...

Thanks for sharing. I'll be checking out zwaggle after this.

How to lose belly without pills said...

this is just what I need