Saturday, March 8, 2008

Ask Eric

Aimee asks: "Why is my hubby so messy?"

Eric Here:
I hold no degree in psychology or claim no expertise in aspects of human behavior. I know a little about a lot holding the title of "expert" in nothing. I'm just an ordinary guy in an extraordinary world and maybe...just maybe...I might have something of value to say.

My method of organization is one of chaos utilizing the pile system. My office at work, at home, my garage (my only house-bound sanctuary)....piles and 90 percent of the time I can find stuff before dinner if I start looking right after breakfast. I had piles when I lived in an apartment because I really did not have much storage space so maybe my pile system started then and just stuck. To others it looks like a mess, to the person who claims the creation everything is in its place. Now, maybe, the rest of your house is neat...Maybe in other parts of the house socks are picked up, things are in their places and this is the one place where the feeling is "this is my space" so I'm just going to let it all out. This is who I am and the rest of the home is the place for "show". If this is the case be grateful that the chaos has been confined to this room and not infested the rest of the house. When company comes just shut the office door and appreciate him for being the messy, disorganized companion that at least is smart enough to know where the mess stops and neatness begins.

Posted by Eric of Pink Lemonade

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