Friday, March 21, 2008

Friday Free Stuff

Friday is finally here again! The end of the work week... the beginning of the weekend.... the day to grab some totally great freebies!! Here are Pink Lemonade's finds for the week:

Visit Kids Corner for a free Miracle of Easter CD for kids (email)

Head on over to BE Sloppy for a Be Sloppy, Sloppy Joes TShirt

Walmart has samples of Dexatrim Max O2

Sign up for the Degree Girl Network and get samples of Degree Girl

Walmart wants you to try Vaseline Intensive Rescue Lotion

Tide now has Dawn Stain Scrubbers (pretty good idea!), try some for yourself

Walton Music has a CD Sampler of Choral Music (sign up now & they'll send it out in May)

Jonathan Wheeler Art is sending our 3 free Mini Prints (they're very pretty - you get to choose)

Try out Armani Code fragrance for men

Start Sampling has a 2yr subscription to Ready Made Magazine - the magazine for do-it-yourself people who "like to make stuff" as the description puts it.

Metromint Water wants you to help spread the word about their product sign up to be part of their word of mouth advertising campaign

Don't get mad, go on over to Walmart to get Glad....Forceflex Trash Bags that is!

Do you get UTI's? Try some Theracran cranberry supplement for urinary tract health

Shellburne Falls coffee sample for signing up for their newsletter

Try new Maybelline Mineral Power Foundation

Low Price Subscriptions has free 1 year subscriptions to Bassmaster, Computer Shopper and Radar Magazines (they also have Rachael Ray for only $4 a year - not free, but close!)

Join the Jungle Club and receive a free sample of Start Right water conditioner for your fish tank.

Dandy-Lyon has a sample of their healthy kids snacks

Last, but by no means least:

This is definitely the best freebie of today... Not because it's something totally cool (well, it kind of is), but because it's something that is great (in my opinion). We all know the benefits of fish oil (mainly omega-3 fish oil), it can protect your body in so many ways - we don't even know about all of them yet. Not only can it benefit everyone, but there has been quite a bit of research on the benefits of Omega-3 for children with speech and language delays/disorders. My little Collette can not swallow pills so giving her fish oil has always been a challenge - until I found this product. It's omega-3 fish oil in little packs (like fast-food catsup packs) that taste like pudding (orange, lime, orange/chocolate) - just squeeze a pack in your mouth and you've added 2,000 mg of omega-3's to your day!! You cannot believe what a difference I have seen in my child since she's been taking this - try some for yourself (it will take more than the few samples they'll send you to see a difference, but at least you can see how great it tastes and how easy it is to use!) Try Coromega!!!

Have fun with your free goodies this week!

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