Thursday, March 27, 2008

MIT/Wellesley Toons

Yesterday, Eric and I took the kids to the Childrens Discovery Museum in San Jose. The girls had a blast playing with all the hands-on experiments. Their favorite, of course, was the water play area (I have to admit - it was pretty cool with a water vortex that pulled colored balls from top to bottom). But the coolest part of the whole afternoon was the show in the little theater. We went into the theater with no clue what kind of show was going to be put on (this guy was walking through the museum calling out "there's a show in five minutes" so we went to see what it was) - I'm really glad we did! The performers were the MIT/Wellesley Toons. They're an acapella singing group made up of college kids from... you guessed it - MIT & Wellesley. They were awesome! About three minutes into the show I was wishing I had brought the video camera but our still camera takes video so I pulled it out and took what little the camera had room for - check these kids out!!

They're really great (and, yes they do sing grown up songs too!) The Toons currently have a CD called The 59th Street Bridge available, selling for $13. The CD features ten of their more popular songs. The album features a mix including three Boyz II Men songs and “Feelin’ Groovy”, by Simon and Garfunkel as well as a song by U2. You can listen to all of the songs from their CD's here. I can't seem to find out where to buy the cd's (but if you contact them through the "contact" button at the top of the page, I'm sure they will point you in the right direction!)

Here are some other pictures from our day at the museum:

Well, there you have it... our "Day at the Museum"!

P.S. - Remember how sad I was when the girls decided they were too old for the Wiggles?? - and I wanted to go to the concert anyway?? Well, Yesterday there were actually only about two blocks away from the museum playing their second day at the HP Pavillion (can you believe it?? only two blocks away and I didn't get to see them?? I tried to get Eric to take us - believe me, I tried but he wasn't buying. The Wiggles.. so near.. and yet.. so far...)

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TheVasquez3 said...

we love the Children's Discovery Museum!

i did not realize you were in the bay area. i grew up in gilroy, lived in Morgan Hill from 91-04 and just moved from Hollister after a few yrs there. now i live in the central valley surrounded by cow towns...i may as well be living on the planet is THAT different.

anyway...thought i would mention it.

Maria said...

Oh I love the Wiggles! My baby is into those big-eyed Super Readers kids on PBS. LOL, I think it's the moms who love the wiggles more. I was chatting with a friend once and I was singing Five Little Ducks to the baby and she was like, oh the wiggles! ha ha

Anonymous said...

I am a Toon, thanks for the support!!