Wednesday, April 16, 2008

American Idol & Big Brother

Last night was a great reality TV night! I actually got to see American Idol and Big Brother - I DVR'd Hell's Kitchen, so if anything good happens, I'll post about it tomorrow.

I still can't believe that Michael Johns was voted off last week - he was certainly not the idol that deserved to go home! Last night's mentor was Mariah Carey, now I'm not a big fan of Mariah Carey, but I think the idols did a great job with her songs. My biggest question, however about Mariah is.... why the heck is her skin so gold-y/shiny??? Did she eat some sort of luminescent food before she did that shoot?? (not to mention, the outfit coordinating Hello Kitty Bandaid!).

Little David went first - he seems like such a sweet kid, but those leather pants??? I was pretty sure that leather pants weren't meant to be baggy (maybe it's a new fashion trend I'm not aware of...) I don't know if the poor kid is nervous or what, because he looks terrified all the time - chill out buddy, you know everyone loves you so just calm down & have fun - but he did an okay job with his song anyway.

Carly was next and I'm so glad to see that she's finally getting some advice on her clothing. She's a pretty girl, but was continually wearing sleeveless tops and I found all her tattoos very distracting. (I don't personally have a problem with tattoos, but she has so many..... speaking of lots - what's up with her husband?? He's kind of scary looking.) I'm not a big fan of hers either, but she did an okay job.

Syesha then had her turn. She did an awesome job - Did anyone see her relative in the audience shaking his head back and forth to the music with his mouth open & his cheeks were going all over the place - hilarious!!

Brooke, once again, came out with her piano. I sort of like Brooke, she impresses me as such a "hippy chick" - cool. Something about her song was just weird though, like she just couldn't match the tempo of the music to her song (which didn't make any sense because she was playing the music herself). Toward the end though the poor thing was shaking like a scared chihuahua - I felt sorry for her.

I don't really care for Kristy Lee Cook - I'm not exactly sure why, I just can't get into her performances. During her time with the judges, she reminded Simon that she "gave Mariah chills".... I'm sorry, how the _____ did that happen??.. Maybe it was just cold in the room at the time??

I so love David Cook - I think he is far and away the best of this years group. I've actually downloaded several of his songs from iTunes and listen to them often. He took a lame Mariah song and made it enjoyable Simon said his performance was like "Coming out of Karaoke Hell, into a Breath of Fresh Air..." - I soooo totally agree, Simon. David was crying - I think it had something to do with the fact that his terminally ill brother was in the audience last night - you couldn't help but feel sorry for the poor guy. I heard on the radio that the brother was so sick that he wasn't allowed to fly on a commercial airline and the family had to chip in to charter a private plane so he could come out and watch David sing. He got to see David give an awesome performance.

Jason Castro was last, I like his singing, but his hair grosses me out (It just looks like it smells really bad). I've been waiting all season for the stylists to cut those snake-like things off and give him some spikey gelled-up cute hair - he'd be a cute kid that would poster up teen girls rooms if they did that. His song was okay, the judges liked him, but it just seemed like he was kind of "talk-singing" at points (you know what I mean).

So tonight is the results show and my picks for the bottom three are: Kristy Lee, Brooke and Little David - we'll see. The best we can hope for is that Randy doesn't get up and play guitar while Mariah sings (Oh, well, I'll be fast forwarding through her performance anyway) and Paula will be standing up doing her goofy chair dancing... it's just more than I can bear...

The second of my favorite Tuesday evening reality TV show is Big Brother:

If you haven't been watching - it's been one of the weirdest seasons thus far. The contestants (all but one) are all very young, they throw around swear words like they're sailors and they're all completely self-centered. I guess being "all about yourself" is part and parcel to the game, but... heavens to betsy... these people are too much! At this point there are five houseguest left and four of the houseguest (Ryan, Adam, Sharon and Sheila) are secretly planning to give Natalie the boot by back-dooring her after the Power of Veto competition. They all strung Natalie along letting her babble on about their alliance (Team Christ - I swear, she named their alliance this!) sticking together.... Little did she know... Adam won the Power of Veto and, of course, took himself off the block. Sheila replaced him with Natalie and the secret plan was in action. Natalie is confident that she is only being used as a pawn to send Sharon home, but c'mon, doesn't she realize how many time in this game the pawn goes home?? Natalie is scary... really, like crazy scary (her possessed eyes freak me out) - and she's a very strong competitor so everyone will be happy to get rid of her. That's okay, Natalie will be happy to go to the sequester house with Matty so they can continue their little "bedtime activities" (even though Matty claims not to want anything to do with her).

Live feeds have reported that Ryan and Adam are flip-flopping back and forth between Sharon and Natalie when deciding who to evict. Natalie because they know that if they're with her in the final two, there wouldn't be many votes for Natalie. Sharon because she's the last of the opposing alliance (although she and Ryan have had a secret alliance for a while now) - but Sharon is so nice and has flown under the radar for so long, she might actually have a chance at winning. Sheila and Natalie have had a screaming verbal-smackdown in the HOH room and it's anyone's game right now. Guess we'll see how it goes during the live show tonight.

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