Saturday, April 12, 2008

Ask Eric...

Kristin asks: Do guys really feel that women need to lose weight? Is it something they want to impress people? Why do guys focus so much on weight? Can you better help me understand my guy...

Eric Here:

I hold no degree in psychology or claim no expertise in aspects of human behavior. I know a little about a lot holding the title of "expert" in nothing. I'm just an ordinary guy in an extraordinary world and maybe...just maybe...I might have something of value to say.

The male is a hypocrite when it comes to weight and expectations. We will allow our bellies to expand and women are nice enough not to point it out. So, if your guy asks you to loose weight and his pant size has increased in size your response should be, "You first". That will tend to shut most guys up really quick.

As for realistic expectations on what the "ideal" woman should weigh, well, blame the world we live in. There was a time when extra weight on a woman was very desirable. Take a look at some old paintings created way back when that show women that today would be considered overweight. They were attractive to the men of old because a heavy woman meant that she had enough money to eat a good, expensive meal unlike the skinny peasant folks that were running around in the villages. Today, it's a flip. Those rich women now have the means and the time to hire personal trainers and pay for gym memberships. Then we have the media pounding these images into men's heads and we are willing to accept it as the way it should be when in reality it's nothing but a fantasy created by air brushing and computer enhancements. Click here to pull in those love handles and double-click here to make that chest a little firmer because the plastic surgeon just didn't get those implants quite right. And have you ever seen an actress without make-up, the right camera angle and the perfect lighting. When I lived in Los Angeles I did and believe me that was a wake-up call. I went right home and tore those Charlie's Angels posters right off the wall (Okay, I just dated myself...I'm talking the original series).

Yes, excessive weight is unhealthy and if you care for someone wanting him or her to loose some is understandable. To demand perfection for some weight here or there, my question would be, "If this bothers you now are you going to have me go in to get some work done when parts of me start to "sag" naturally?" Hopefully, you will get a "no" , a smile, a hug, and a soft whisper in the ear, "I'll always love you however you are."

Posted by Eric of Pink Lemonade

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