Wednesday, March 26, 2014

I do Believe in Fairies... I do Believe in Fairies...

Wouldn't it be wonderful if a fairy came into your child's room every night, and when she left, the room would be picked up and sparkling - as if pixie dust had worked its magic upon the room??

All my life I've wished that there was a magic fairy who could come and do my cleaning for me so I could spend time doing the things I really wanted to do. I've also wished time and time again that I wouldn't have to nag my children to pick up their rooms. That they would just, somehow want to keep them clean and neat ready at a moment's notice for any playdate that may come their way... not to mention so that I won't trip over a pile of dress-up clothes or injure myself on a stray Lego in the middle of the night!

Well, somewhere, somehow, my wish has been granted because there really IS a fairy to help with those kids unruly rooms! She won't actually do the cleaning for your kids... but she will make them want to do it themselves... and they'll love every minute of it!! You see, my friends, the fairy that I am speaking of is none other than The House Fairy! She is Santa Claus's Sister and kind of “helps him out” by checking those rooms during the times of the year when Santa just plain needs a break.

In our home, the House Fairy used to pay a visit to my kids rooms once a week (always a different day, just to keep it interesting) and, if their rooms are clean, she left them a little "reward" - if they weren't, they'd just get a sprinkling of fairy dust to let them know the house fairy had been by and wasn't quite happy with the way their room was looking.

Check out the House Fairy and her wonderful program. In no time at all, you too will be chanting the words... "I do believe in fairies... I do believe in fairies..."

Disclosure:  I used to subscribe (on my own) to the House Fairy program and received absolutely no compensation for this post.

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Corinne said...

OMGosh! With four girls, I definitely need to check that out! My 12 yr. not a problem but my 7 yr. old twins are. Hopefully the "Clean Fairy" will motivate them! Thanks for the link!:)