Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Kitt Kitteredge, An American Girl...

Over the weekend, we went to see "Nim's Island". It was a cute movie, it kept my interest and the actors did a great job. The most exciting part of the movie though, was one of the trailers. Finally - an American Girl movie gets a theatrical presentation. The first three movies were great - my girls own two of them "Samantha, An American Girl Holiday", and "Molly, An American Girl on the Homefront". For those of you who aren't familiar with American Girl...

American Girl, a subsidiary of Mattel, is a company that manufacturers dolls, books, and magazines for young girls.

The company's flagship line is a doll collection of historical 18-inch dolls that have books and accessories. The fictional heroines (who each start their series around the age of nine and turn ten in the middle) live during important times in America's past, providing "girl-sized" views of significant events that helped shape the United States.
- courtesey of Wikipedia

All of the American Girl books are historically accurate and promote the love of reading and imagination. As my little miss Lauren would say... "Wow, you get to read a story and learn something too!" She is anxiously awaiting her seventh birthday so she can graduate from the American Girl "Bitty Baby" (the babydoll line) to a real American Girl doll.

Kitt Kitteredge is a girl growing up in the great depression. Kit watches her father lose his business overnight. In hopes of saving her family’s home, she pitches in with the endless list of chores. During these hard times, Kit turns to writing as an escape.... here are two of the movie trailers...

I can hardly wait until July 2nd... you'd think I was ten! This is going to be a great movie!! The girls and I will be in line at the theatre the very first day!

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Cassie - Homeschooling Four said...

We LOVE the American Girl books and movies. My girls are so excited for this new movie.