Wednesday, April 2, 2008

My Morning as an Orthodontist...

Weight Loss Wednesday will not be featured today as I've taken up a new, temporary career..... (read on...)

Collette got braces in November, right before Thanksgiving. Everything has been going great, in fact, I can't believe how quickly her "Dracula fangs" have moved into place - her teeth are looking awesome!

A few days before Easter, she got the full wires on her bottom braces and was set up with a new appointment in six weeks. Unfortunately, the assistant that put this bottom wire on was, I think, new and somewhat inexperienced. On Easter day, the wire popped off from her back bracket (the only thing holding the wire on in the back as her next closest brackets are on the front four incisors only) and the wire was kind of flopping around back there and cutting into her mouth. I called the orthodontist who is very sweet and because it was a day of everyone going here and there, we missed each other every time a message was left. Collette did fine with it and got the wire fixed the next morning.

Last night she was complaining that her teeth were hurting so I checked and - sure enough - the wire had popped off from the back bracket on the other side. It, of course, was quite uncomfortable and I did the best I could to fix it with some kind of putty substance they give you at the orthodontist (what was wrong with the dental wax they used to use when I was a kid - it seemed to work just fine) and it seemed to alleviate the problem temporarily. I called the orthodontist at 7:15 this morning to get her in and get the wire popped back in.... Now keep in mind, this would have taken the orthodontist like, 2 minutes to do.... They can't see her until 3:30 this afternoon - Collette has speech therapy this afternoon and it's something she just can't miss - isn't there anything else? Tomorrow morning - sorry, tutoring... I'm getting frustrated that they can't just get her in and fix it so everyone can get on with things. So I make an appointment for tomorrow morning and in the meantime, Collette is really uncomfortable and crying. I begin to think that it makes no sense for her to be in pain and have to wait so long to get something so simple fixed, so I called the orthodontist back and told them if they can't get her in, I'm going to clip the wire off myself so it isn't poking her. The girl on the phone seemed shocked that I would suggest such a thing, but hey honey - desperate times call for desperate measures. She put me on hold for several minutes and came back on to tell me that if I feel I have to cut it off, I can go ahead and do so. I thank her politely and hang up.

So off Collette and I march into the bathroom to fix her wire. The ortho's office said to use nail clippers so I find the biggest, strongest ones I can find and scrub them down, douse them with Listerine and call Lauren in to hold the flashlight so I can see into Collette's mouth. (This is all 20 minutes before we need to leave for school, mind you). I bend the wire outward so I can get to it and Collette starts to freak out (it probably felt odd - her mouth is soooo sensitive) - Tears are streaming, snot running, drool dripping and Collette is flailing all over the place totally freaking out (not quietly either). The clippers won't clip the wire so I go get the wire cutters (calm down, they were very small ones) from the garage and go through the wash & Listerine thing again. This time I get the wire cut but I'm having a hard time holding on to the cut off piece and don't want it to fall into Collette's mouth because she would swallow it (and that just would be a whole bigger problem) - so I'm hollering at her above her wailing to hold still and, my heavens I can only imagine what the neighbors think!

Anyway, the job is done. She only has half a wire now, but her mouth isn't being shredded anymore either. If the orthodontist gets mad when we go I'm going to let her know that if they would have taken two minutes today, they would have saved themselves the half hour that it's going to take to put a whole new wire in. So, there's my new career - Orthodontist in training (Lauren called herself a dental assistant as her flashlight shining skills were second to none!).

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Taylor Blue said... are great at that! Where were you when I had braces and wires and brackets were always making me cry?? :)

Tara said...

that was ingenious of you!

TheVasquez3 said...

You. Are. Awesome. AND. Fearless.

i am impressed.