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Teaching Your Kids Healthy Habits...

Before we begin today's post - I just want to thank everyone for their kind comments yesterday. They are so truly appreciated... I feel like a fish swimming upstream all the time... I know I'll get to where I want to be with her, but the school district is going to do all it can to hold me back along the way. Thank you again everyone.

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Now, on with today's topic...

Does it sometimes seem as if your kids are always sick? Many parents feel this way, especially if their children are in school or daycare. Kids immune systems are still maturing and they're much more susceptible to germs and viruses that otherwise might not bother adults.

One of the best ways to teach your kids about germs and viruses and how they spread is actually a kind of fun "teaching game" that I found on parents magazine...

Sprinkle colored glitter on your child's damp hands and have them rub them together until the glitter sticks to their hands. Then have them shake hands, open the door or play with a toy. Show them the trail of glitter "germs" that have been left behind. When you're done, take your little one in to wash their hands with plain old water and show them exactly how little of the glitter really comes off. It'll take plenty of warm water and soap to really get those little hands clean!

Explain to your child that even though they can't see germs, they stick to your hands and spread to everything you touch, just like the glitter did. Glitter can't make you sick, but germs can and that's why it's so important to wash you hands often and well.

I thought this was a really awesome idea! Sure, it's a little messy, but a very visual way to teach little ones about why it's so important to wash, wash, wash!

Here are some fantastic products that I've found to help you teach your kids to wash their hands:
Squidoo Hand Soap
Kids simply pump the top of the soap to dispense it into their hand. When they do, the hand that pumps, gets a vegetable dye mark. It will take about 20 seconds of thorough hand washing to remove the dye and then your kids will know their hands are really clean! Super cool and fun!
Wash Your Hands!
The Little Princess is constantly being reminded to wash her hands-after playing outside, frolicking with the dog, using the potty, and sneezing. After questioning why, she is told that germs and nasties can get in her food and make her sick.

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