Friday, April 18, 2008

What goes up, Must come down...

For some reason, my alarm did not go off this morning and Mr. Pink Lemonade and I woke up 1hr & 45 minutes late (the time Mr. Pink Lemonade usually leaves for work.... eeekk!!). So, needless to say, Friday Free Stuff is going to be a little late today.... bear with me, after I get the kiddos to school I'll post... it IS coming... promise!!

Until later, please enjoy this short slideshow I had laying around, waiting to post someday...

Right as we were getting ready to leave for school yesterday, a Hot Air Balloon landed in the parking lot behind our house. The girls had to rush outside to watch it land...

We didn't get pictures of the entire process of putting the balloon away because we were already going to miss morning assembly, but I thought everyone might like to see what it's like.

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