Saturday, May 3, 2008

The 7 most usless facts about me...

I was tagged by Geek Mom over at Sugar & Sweets for this Seven Facts meme. I need to list 7 useless useful facts about myself and then tag seven others to do so as well. So here goes:

            1. I know everything there is to know about The Wiggles - think I'm kidding?.. just ask me a question... go on....

            2. I was an assistant manager at Burger King when I was in College.

            3. I can plan the best kids party you've ever been to!

            4. I can whip out a mean digital scrapbook page (but I haven't learned Photoshop Elements yet).

            5. I've never been to a spa (can you believe I live in the Napa Valley and haven't been to a spa?)

            6. I used to give tours and pour tastings at one of the more famous wineries here in the Valley.

            7. I majored in Criminal Justice in College.

            Now you all know seven, very worthless useful facts about me! I'm tagging the following bloggers:

            An Ordinary Life Watch Me, No, Watch Me!
            Shamelessly Sassy Dandelion Wishes
            Jogging in Circles
            Mummified Times Five
            (please forgive the blatant use of graphics - I'm practicing using tables...)

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            Kristin said...

            Woohoo! Thanks Liz!

            Kristen Andrews said...

            I am so jealous that you live in Napa! My husband and I took a day trip several years back and said we could live there and never leave! We had some of the best wine of course and best food!

            Christine said...

            I totally forgot you live in Napa! I'm just down 80 from you!

            Thanks for the tag!!!

            Kimmylyn said...

            Yippeee.. thanks for the tag.. I will get to work on this and let you know when it is up!! :)

            And I challenge you to the Wiggles contest.. hahah I rule with knowledge about them.. even saw them in concert!!