Friday, May 23, 2008

Friday Free Stuff

Friday is finally here again! The end of the work week... the beginning of the weekend.... the day to grab some totally great freebies!! Don't miss out all the great goodies - grab them while they last:

Start Sampling has a 1 year subscription to SPA Magazine.

Walmart wants you to try Viva Paper Towels.

Do you have a splitting headache? Walmart wants you to feel all better with a sample of Excedrin "The Headache Medicine".

Taco Bell has a new fruit freeze called Frutista - Print a coupon for a free one with any purchase here (bottom right corner) (so, for like $1, you can get a value menu item and a freeze!)

TGI Friday's has a coupon for free beer-battered onion rings on Father's Day!

Love flavored coffee? Try Splenda flavored sweeteners for coffee.

Now, I know none of you get hangovers, but in case you know someone who does... grab a sample of Sober X Hangover Releif Patches.

Snapfish is offering new customers 50 free prints, plus a free flipbook.

Today seems to be the day for free restaurant item coupons and here's another...

Arby's has a coupon for free regular sidekickers after 2pm with a beverage purchase.

Join the Tylenol keep moving program and get a free pedometer.

Sign up for the Betty Crocker newsletter and get a free warm delights mini dessert.

Itchy scalp? Try Loreal's Elvive anti-dandruff shampoo.

Try Fizzion stain removing technology (bottom right corner)

Grab a free Book Cover Magnet.

Walmart is now offering a free song download every week (a la iTunes) get yours now.

Speaking of free music downloads...

Poeple Magazine has thirteen (yes, 13) free country music downloads for you (download by clicking the link and then click the next box to move to the next available song).

Try some Kotex maxi pads.

Call Purina at 888-271-MEOW (6369)for a 5 minute automated survey for free pet food.

Be sure to visit Amanda at for other offers!

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