Thursday, May 15, 2008

Has Fantasia gone Fowl??

Am I the only one that was totally rolling on the floor laughing last night at Fantasia's performance on American Idol? I mean, the cherry-red hair and the wing-flapping "chicken dance"... they were just too much!! The clip when they cut away to Simon with his jaw hanging open and eyes as wide as saucers during the performance just says it all. She, literally looked like a rooster or something walking around the barnyard - what was this poor girl thinking?

... I've finally found it - A "Hall of Shame" performance:

Did anyone understand anything she said???

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Fitarella said...

aww, dang it! I missed it! PLEASE post it if you find it :-)

mls said...

She was probably thinking, "People will be talking about it (my performance) and it will probably end up on tube, yeah!"