Monday, May 5, 2008

Right Turns are the Right Way to go..

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In the wake of rising gasoline prices, it seems that our friends at United Parcel Service have come up with an ingenious way to save on the ever increasing cost of fuel....

They only turn right... that's the answer... right turns only. They have sophisticated mapping and package flow equipment that plots their course using only right-hand turns when possible - it's estimated that those possibilities add up to 90% of the time. This has been the practice of UPS before most people can remember - it's actually not just a reaction to rising petrol costs. UPS trucks drove 2.5 billion miles last year, but with the technology of package flow added to right-turn routes they have saved almost 29 million miles, and three million gallons of fuel - it's amazing! UPS has approximately 92,000 trucks on the road every day. If it wasn't implementing it's right-turn policy, they would have to use 1,100 additional trucks.

Maybe we should all aim for right turns only... there would be less chance of accidents, we would save time waiting for the stoplight and we would save gas. Sounds like right turns are the right way to go!

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Jacqueline Carly said...

That is so neat! I had never heard of that before :)

Becoming Me said...

I never heard of that either. I found your blog from Amanda's site. Cool place to visit.

sarah said...

I am astounded by this and just can't figure out how eliminating left turns could save time and gas. Does waiting for the stoplight really use more gas than potentially driving an extra couple miles?