Tuesday, May 20, 2008

We know the name of the American Idol Winner...

... His name is David! Okay, Okay, yes, that was a cheap way to get blog hits, but it is true... isn't it?

The performances are over, and everyone is voting.... leave a comment and tell me who you think truly deserves to be the next American Idol?
David CookDavid Archuleta
David Cook
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David Archuleta
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If you ask me, David Cook, hands down deserves to win - however, it has been said that winning American Idol is not always the best thing, because an artist has more creative control over their first album if they don't win... who knows, but in my opinion, David Cook is definitely the better singer of the two and I can't wait to buy his albums.

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1 comment:

Tena said...

I agree with you, I am going with Davud Cook, he also seems to be more marketable, kwim?