Thursday, June 19, 2008

A Delivery Don’t...

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Have you ever had one of those days when nothing seems to go right? Well, Monday was definitely one of them for me! The kittens got loose and had to be “wrangled” back into their little pen… I had to rush to make sure the washroom was cleaned out because we were expecting a delivery of our new washer and range. I had to get Collette and Eric ready to go to her first day of summer school. Little Miss Lauren was so excited about starting her “Summer School” at home and kept asking every five minutes “is it time yet, Mom?”

The deliverymen finally called and said they would be there soon so I hurried to make sure all the laundry baskets, etc. were out of the laundry room. When they arrived, they seemed nice enough… two big burly guys lugging major appliances around.

The first guy started unhooking our old range and tipped it over, spilling all the crumbs that were at the bottom all over my freshly mopped floor (My bright idea.. why clean the stove, they’re just going to take it away). He finally unhooked the old stove, hauled it out to the truck and I got a look at what lay beneath that appliance… all I can say is EEEEwww!! After being in place for fourteen years, you can only imagine how much “gunk” was underneath that range, so I rush to clean what I could while he’s getting ready to bring in the new stove. While I’m there, I do a through search for my lost engagement ring and turn up nothing but a few chocolate animal crackers and some really petrified French fries… no ring – I was so sure it had gone under there … the search for the ring will have to be continued (there aren’t that many places it could be!)

The delivery guys then proceed to the washer - a much easier removal. As with the stove, behind the washer lurked, not only fourteen years worth of dust and lint, but various odd socks… you know, the stuff that falls behind the washer never to be heard from again. I begin to clean this while they're unboxing the washer only to stand up from being bent over and forget about the cupboard! I firmly.. very firmly, smack my head against the bottom of the cupboard – yowza! That really smarted! I am, to this day, the proud owner of a rather large (and sore) goosegg on the upper back part of my head… I remind myself that I’ll probably need a rather large dose of Advil later. Burly guys finally get the new washer installed and briefly explain how to use it (I’m pretty sure I know how to use a washer – but maybe I’m wrong).

Now, here’s the kicker… when they’re all done, they both stand there like bellboys at a hotel and tell me that they work on commission – "but it’s not very much" – and "they would gladly accept tips should I be so kind as to give them one". Well, what am I supposed to do? I’ve got these two big guys standing in front of me, pretty much with their hands out waiting for tips. I give them each $5, telling them that’s all the cash I have available and they smile and leave. I’m sorry, but I’m pretty sure I paid a delivery charge to have this stuff delivered – I have never heard of delivery men asking for a tip before in my whole life!

When Mr. Pink Lemonade got home, I told him about the “tipping” and he was livid – I felt bad, but at the time, I felt like I had no choice. I have half a notion to call Sears and tell them about what happened. I somehow don’t think that it is their policy to request additional payment for delivery – but maybe it’s a new trend – it has been a while since I’ve needed a major appliance.

So… what have we learned from this story? We have learned that if you purchase major appliances from Sears and have them delivered, be prepared to pay more than the delivery charge… because when they’re done, two big, burly guys will be holding their hands out for tips before they leave!

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1 comment:

Andrea said...

This post comes at the most perfect time. We will be having furniture delivered and yes, it was a pretty hefty delivery charge. I was wondering that - what do I do, do I tip, how much? So I say they will probably expect a tip? Yikes! Your post was funny though and I hope you find your engagement ring.