Friday, June 13, 2008

Friday Free Stuff

Friday is finally here again! The end of the work week... the beginning of the weekend.... the day to grab some totally great freebies!! Don't miss out all the great goodies - grab them while they last:

Did you know that there are tons of Birthday Club freebies out there - you know the ones... sign up and receive something really cool come your birthday time... here are a few:

Baskin Robbins Has a free cone for you.

Coldstone Creamery will send you a coupon for a free ice cream creation.

This one isn't for you - it's for your pooch... Frosty Paws will send your dog a special greeting and a coupon for a free treat.

Sign up your daughter for the My Little Pony Birthday club and she'll get a birthday email.

Red Lobster has a "surprise" for you on your special day.

Red Robin will email you a coupon for a free burger meal on your birthday.

Enroll your kids in the Toys R Us Birthday Club and they'll get a birthday card and a surprise gift from Geoffrey, just in time for their birthday. They'll also get an invitation to come into your local Toys"R"Us store for a special experience - my kids also get a phone call from Jefferey the Giraffe every year on their birthday.

Okay, Birthday time is over - on with the regular freebies!

Just had lunch?? Need to clean those teeth before you go back to work?? Try Flixsticks!

Do you love to golf? Check out Wilson's new lines.

Has this ever happened to you... You're playing ping-pong and all of a sudden, you think "wow, I really wish I knew the rules.." well, here they are, (and in a handy poster too!)

Smartsource has a coupon for a free pouch of Uncle Ben's Ready Rice (you'll have to scroll through the pages because it comes up on a different page for everyone - but seems to mainly be on either page 2 or 3) just click the box & then click "print coupons" at the bottom of the page.

If you like garlic, you'll LOVE Garlic Gold! Simply fill out the form to request your Free Sample. Then sprinkle the toasted organic garlic nuggets and garlic infused organic extra virgin olive oil on your favorite recipe. Enjoy the crunch and the new taste sensation...incredible!

Print a coupon for 24 free days at 24 hour fitness.

Print a coupon for a free Land O Frost Taste Escapes Lunchmeat (you might have to enter to contest to print the coupon) - I can't find these at my local supermarket, but they might have them where you live.

Get a free Art of Ironing DVD from Rowenta Steam Irons.

Grab a free sample of SinuCleanse.

Are you sweaty??.. I mean, really, really sweaty?? Try a sample of Sweatblock.

Treat Dad to a free cup or cone of yogurt at TCBY.

Did you know that Home Depot has Do-It-Herself Workshops?? Check their site for dates and times (they're free!)

Grab a sample of Pantene Pro-V Color Expressions from Walmart.

Walmart also has samples of Vaseline Lotion for Men!

There you have it! Enjoy your free sampling for the week!!

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SunEGrl said...

Great list this week, my birthday is in January so I have plenty of time to get my name in so that I can get my freebies. Thanks as always.

Petula Wright said...

Very nice list! A lot I hadn't heard of.