Thursday, June 26, 2008

The “Grownup” Day

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How long has it been since you’ve had a “grownup” day? Weeks… Months… maybe longer? Well, for me it’s definitely been longer… much, much longer, in fact. I’d say it’s been about 11½ years since I’ve had a real grownup day.

Ever since Collette was born, Mr. Pink Lemonade (Eric) has been of the school of thought that says “We had our kids, We wanted them… if we continually hand them over to someone else to watch then we’re not really taking responsibility for them – we’re in essence, “shirking” our parental duties”…. Hmmm. I do agree… most of the time… but the only time we go anywhere “sans kids” is if there is… 1. A function for Eric’s work (retirement party, usually) where the children cannot attend – then we make an hour or so long appearance and a timely exit. 2. When we go shopping at Christmas for “you-know-who” gifts, and 3. We go out to dinner for our anniversary (dinner only)… That’s it – no movies, no real “date nights” nothing, nada, zippo.

Our kids go everywhere with us, which is great, but once in a while… just on occasion… I’d really love to have a “grownup” kind of day with my husband. It’s not that we’d have to procure a babysitter or anything – both sets of grandparents are each within a 20 mile drive (one set north, the other south) so no matter where we wanted to go, there are people (that we trust) available to watch the kids – the grandparents think it’s fun and the kids have a great time bonding with their grandparents.

For one day, I’d like to spend the day doing grownup things – things that don’t involve miniature golf, rides on miniature trains, or feeding slobbery, spitting llamas. I’d like to go somewhere that doesn’t involve sunscreen patrol, baby wipe dispensing and holding your breath when you turn around and a child is not where you thought they were (instead they’re right behind you!). I’d like to get dressed in the morning without having to pack an extra shirt in the backpack because it’s inevitable that someone under five feet tall will spill something on me. I’d like to drive in the car and listen to music that does not feature 1. The Monkees, 2. The Partridge Family 3. High School Musical, or 4. Radio Disney. I’d like to wear my favorite garnet-colored patent leather high heels instead of my Teva sandals. I’d like to carry a purse instead of a giant pink and purple backpack because I have to be ready for anything. I’d like to eat in a restaurant that does not offer a coloring menu. I’d like to sit at the bar in said restaurant for a little while before dinner, actually having a conversation with my husband, listening to some lounge music and drinking a grownup drink… maybe a lemon drop or a pink lemonade martini... I don't know, anyting in a fancy glass. I’d like to dance with my husband at someplace besides a Wedding. I’d like to see a movie that doesn’t have Disney movie trailers showing before the movie.

I love my kids more than anything in the world, and I truly enjoy spending time with them – watching their wonder in everything new and their joy in the things they love. But once in a while, maybe just once a year on our anniversary – I’d like to spend a grownup day while the kids have a fun day with their grandparents. Just because I had two beautiful little girls, doesn’t mean I want to give up everything except kid friendly venues for the next twenty-three years. Once a year, just one day a year – I want to be a grownup. Are you out there Eric?…. Are you listening?…

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Debbie-the-Mom said...

I just read through your "Grown up day" post, and could totally relate to so much of what you said. My husband & I very seldomly go out for a date night. I actually dream more about a grown up weekend, cause I'm afraid one day just won't be enough! : P

Kimmylyn said...

I am so there with you on this post.. It is not that I don't love my kids.. but I need "me" time..