Monday, June 16, 2008

Ice, Ice, Baby...

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No silly, I'm not talking about that goofy 90's "rap" song... I'm talking about something that could save your life! ICE, stands for In Case of Emergency and everyone who has a cellphone should have an ICE# programed into their phone. This way, if you are ever in an accident or a situation where you are rushed to a hospital and cannot answer for yourself, Emergency personnel know to look in your cell phone's address book for an In Case of Emergency number. Your ICE# should be someone who can answer important information, like what medications you take and a basic summary of your health history.

Yep, Ice can cool your drink, Ice can make your car slide all over the road and now, Ice can even save your life!

(This post is from March, but with everyone heading out for summer vacations and fun, I thought it might be a great reminder...)

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Lilypad Mom said...

It's a great idea to post this. The more people who are aware of it the better. This is supposed to be a nationwide program, but often people don't know about it. There is a nationwide one called WHALE for kids in carseats, but even my husband (a police officer) hadn't heard of it, so it really doesn't do any good.

PsychMamma said...

We have a daughter with special medical needs, so having ICE info hand is a must, but it's a great idea for everyone. I'd also recommend including a current picture and physical information (height, weight, birthmarks, etc.) in the worst case scenario of a child that goes missing. Time is critical in cases of missing children and the faster you can get all your child's info to the police, the more likely you are to find them.

Check out my post re: ICE info at:

Cole said...

i've heard about that.. several years ago. However, it IS NOT universal.