Tuesday, June 3, 2008

MOM,.... "My Elvis was shaking"....

We just had a 3.9 Earthquake about half an hour ago - not a big one, but defnitely big enough for us to notice. Once again, in my dorky way, I thought it was something else... The last time we had one, was back in October and I totally thought the house shook because I dropped something (see
I just dropped my playdough hand). This time, I was putting dishes away into the cupboards and was over in a little nook of the kitchen - I heard a boom and thought, maybe Eric was walking by and bumped into the counter. I looked over and, no Eric in sight, but the liquid in my spray cleaner bottle was sloshing around. Of course, we went through the usual... Eric:"Did you feel the Earthquake?"... Me:"There was an Earthquake?"...

In the meantime, the girls, who had just gotten to sleep started calling... Lauren thought it was cool, but this was the first time Collette had actually felt an earthquake (she's always slept right through any we've had).. and she was pretty scared. When I went into her room, all she could say through the sobs of tears was "Mom, My Elvis (bobblehead on her dresser) was shaking"... Poor little thing.

We finally just got them calmed down and back to bed. Yes, most of us here in California don't really pay much attention to Earthquakes - unless the house is falling around us or our cupboards are spewing their contents at us (I've had this happen before! - the cupboard spewing, not the house falling). We just look around and think.. hummm, oh well... and go about our business..... Unless our Elvis starts to shake!...

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