Tuesday, June 10, 2008

No Deal....

Okay, I just thought I'd post for your reading pleasure today, a little snippet of a conversation Mr. Pink Lemonade and I had last night in the car while we were driving around shopping for a new washer (ours died Friday night)....

Liz: I wish I had... oh, about $250k

Eric: Why don't you go on a game show?...

Liz: Oh, yeah, right - that's a good way to make a buck!

Eric: Well.. you could go on "Deal or No Deal"... you don't even have to be smart to win at that one - all you have to do is know your numbers to 30!

Liz: So... you're saying... that I couldn't win a game show unless it was one you could only win if you were brainless?

Yes, folks... Mr. Pink Lemonade at his finest! (In his defense - I'm sure that's not what he really meant.... but c'mon!)... Husbands and Toddlers - they say the darndest things!

Oh... and hey there Major Appliance people (It's Me, See me waving my arms wildy about!!, Yes, Me)... anyone want me to review one of your really great washing machines???... I'm available!! Just send one on over!!

Turning Lemons into Pink Lemonade!

Posted by Liz of Pink Lemonade

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Dena said...

That's too funny. You should send this in to Woman's World Magazine. lol

Kristen Andrews said...

yeah they those things and then try to back peddel out of them don't they! Here is one for you, I asked my son what color my teeth are and he said Yellow the next day he did say white though!

DBN said...


I am also waving wildly at the major appliance people as we need a new fridge, ASAP!

Love your blog!