Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Weight Loss Wednesday - Begin your Day the Right Way!

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Welcome to Pink Lemonade's Weight Loss Wednesday!

July is traditionally the family's month to vacation - be it just lots of trips for the day or an actual "vacation". My brain certainly needs a vacation from the weight loss game for the month, so during the month of July, Pink Lemonade will be featuring some of our previous weight loss tips. We'll be back in August with many more weight loss info.... Enjoy today's "Best Of - Weight Loss Wednesday"....

Today, we're going to talk about breakfast.

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day - especially if you're trying to lose a few extra pounds. After recharging all night long, your body needs fuel to get it going again - if you skip breakfast, your body thinks it is starving and your metabolism will suffer (you body doesn't want to use any more fuel than it has to - it doesn't know when it might get food again!). Skipping breakfast not only causes your metabolism to slow, but your blood sugar drops - you get hungry and have less energy. For the rest of the day you have set yourself up to impulsively snack (often on foods that are sweet and high in fat) or eat bigger portions than you normally would.

Here are some easy (and healthy) breakfast ideas:

  • Steel Cut Oatmeal (if you have a Trader Joe's around, they have individual microwaveable servings). Add some ground flaxseed and maybe some slivered almonds. Top with a healthy fruit of your choice - yummy!

  • Scrambled Egg Beaters - all of the protein without the cholesterol! Add a few sauteed veggies (or, for a treat, a little low-fat cheese), top with fresh salsa (not that catsupy bottled kind) and you'll be ready for a full morning.

  • Cottage Cheese - top it with some healthy fruit, maybe a few nuts, sprinkle with cinnamon and drizzle with honey - easy!

  • A good low-fat, low-sugar granola (My favorite right now, is Nature's Path pumpkin seed granola) over low-fat vanilla yogurt - I think I could eat this every morning.

  • Don't forget the Smoothie! One of my favorites is from Leanne Ely, The Dinner Diva at Saving Dinner - Here is her video on how to make the perfect smoothie (It will be soo good for you and you won't even know it!)

So, tomorrow morning when your eyes pop open, don't just rush around, take some time to feed your body so that it can do all the things you expect it to. You'll feel better, and you'll probably drop a few pounds if you keep it up!

"Never work before breakfast; if you have to work before breakfast, eat your breakfast first." ~ Josh Billings (Henry Wheeler Shaw) (1818-1885)

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Dena said...

I agree that breakfast is the perfect way to start your day when you are trying to lose weight. I can really see a difference in the scales when I am eating breakfast regularly. I don't get hungry between meals, therefore no snacking and no cravings.

The Healthy Mom said...

Those are great healthy food choices. I like to eat granola for breakfast. We shop at WinCo and they have a great bulk food section where you can get healthy foods like granola for a lot less than from the cereal isle. Love your Weightless Wednesday posts!

Cascia @ Healthy Moms