Monday, July 21, 2008

Would You, Could You... Will You??

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Liz is on a "Mental Summer Vacation" for the next couple of weeks... Please enjoy The Best of Pink Lemonade...

Today is Valentines Day. Millions of guys will buy flowers for their sweethearts... Tens of thousands of well meaning men will make an offering of chocolates (even though they've failed to notice that their significant other has been on a diet since New Year's)... There is even a group of love struck gentlemen out there who will "pop the question" tonight. We happen to have a close friend who plans to do just that this evening at dinner...

This makes me think about all the different ways there are to propose. I was watching the evening news the other night and they had a story about "Proposal Planners". Can you believe that there even are such people??... Neither could I, so I did some research and, yes, proposal planners do, indeed exist! One company I ran across in Newport Beach, California does just this. They claim to "...eliminate all unnecessary stressors of proposing" (isn't proposing and being stressed out about it sort of a "rite of passage" for men??). They tell these poor terrified men "... That means that, not only are we there with you during the planning, but we are there with you until you hear 'Yes! I will marry you!' We love to be behind the scenes, making sure everything is going according to your plan..." Wow, just what I always wanted, a bunch of strangers standing around videotaping me and waiting to see if I'll say yes...

Yes, it's always sweet when you hear about some very romantic gentlemen going to elaborate lengths to propose to their beloved, but does the guy really need a "team" to help him do it??

Wait.... Maybe I should rethink this... Maybe some guys do really need the "team"... Maybe some guys really can't come up with their own special way to say "I love you, will you spend the rest of your life with me?" After all, Eric could have used some help...I'll never forget how he did it

...(begin wavy dream sequence)...

It's Christmas morning at his Parents house...I opened a gift, a lovely engagement ring and Eric says..." you want to get married...or what?"... I, of course, replied yes and he responded with "Okay, let's shake on it"

...(end wavy dream sequence)...

"Shake on it"... can you believe I shook on my entire future??.... Wow, it was definitely something I'll never forget... where was the "team" behind the scenes??...

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