Thursday, August 28, 2008

My Little Scaredy Cat

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My Little Miss Lauren has become a "Scaredy Cat"! Ever since the beginning of summer, she's been having real trouble going to sleep, and staying asleep.

Every night, after her bedtime "ritual", teeth brushing, story (usually two chapters of a L-O-N-G book, like the Little House books by Laura Ingalls Wilder), kisses - you name it.

Within minutes she's hollering.... "mom".... "Mom"... "MOm"... "MOM"... And finally I trudge into her room. At first, she's just in need of another drink - the next call she's usually hot and needs an icepack (she's a natural furnace!). About three times into this process I begin to threaten to take away a privilege... this does not deter her.

Twenty minutes after she's had her last kiss goodnight, she's still beckoning... insisting that she's going to have another Bad Dream. It seems she's been having lots of Bad Dreams lately (sometimes, she is, indeed - as I can hear her breathing heavily and upset in her sleep - but I have a hard time believing that it's happening as often as she's claiming). What could this kid possibly have happen to her during the day that upsets her so much that she's constantly afraid of a Bad Dream? She's a happy kid, laughing and playing, full of imagination - nothing bad happens to her - she doesn't watch anything on TV that is even remotely scary - what is the source of her terror?

This has been going on all. summer. long. It's exhausting, it's frustrating... Poor Eric slept on the couch at least half the summer so Lauren could sleep with me in our bed - I'm at my wit's end.

When we went to Las Vegas a couple of weeks ago, she somehow became scared of the Borg ride at the Star Trek Experience (we had to sleep with the lights on in the hotel room that night - tons of fun). Even to this day, if Collette utters the word "Borg" after 3:00 in the afternoon, Lauren uses it as an excuse to not go to sleep that night.

She does, eventually go to sleep, but like last night, it was well after 9:00pm before she fell asleep (she usually gets her last kiss goodnight around 7:30pm). She dozes off and (hopefully) stays asleep... until early - really, early (think 5:30am) - her little eyes pop open and she is up for the day - grumpy and confrontational - just a little joy to be around!

Maybe it's just something about being almost seven... maybe once her school is on full-day schedule next week she'll be too exhausted to be afraid. I'm on my last nerve so I hope something resolves itself soon.... I'm almost at the point where I'm going to let her "cry it out" (isn't she too old to be "Ferber-ized"?), of course then it will break my heart to think she's possibly really scared in her room, alone and no one will come to comfort her. Anyone else have this problem? How did you resolve it?

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Anonymous said...

Hi, Pink!
Love the polka dots and pink colors.
Stopping by on the blog trip to say hello.
My daughter had trouble falling asleep for a long time. It was a drawn-out process and very hard to break her from waking me during the night. Maybe you could try a baby monitor to let her hear you breathing while she tries to go to sleep?
Happy trails.

Tina12312 said...

I remember those nights with my son and they seem like they will never end. One night I turned off the lights and asked him what he saw and he thought about it and said nothing and then we had a little talk about how nothing can't hurt you. For some reason, it started easing up after that and he got over it. Wishing the best for you to get through it too.