Tuesday, August 12, 2008

The Wiggling Stopped - But Can the Music Continue?...

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The "Fam" has somehow managed to completely overtake my time for the next few days - please bear with me and enjoy, yet another, "Best of Pink Lemonade". I'll be back on Thursday (I promise!)

It may not be a well known fact, but Greg Page, formerly known as the Yellow Skivvy wearing "Greg Wiggle" is a recording star for more than just the preschool set. In fact he's produced several adult contemporary albums.

Greg was a founding member of The Wiggles, one of the world's most popular children's music groups. Now, you may not think that entertaining the world's children is a lucrative business, but it's estimated that the Wiggles earned $45 million in 2006 (that makes them the highest paid entertainers in Australia!) In 2005, the Wiggles were recognized as Australia's "Exporter of the Year".

Unfortunately, in late 2006, Greg was forced to leave the wiggles due to a condition called orthostatic intolerance, which is the inability of the body to compensate for the effect of gravity on circulation - when you stand up, your heart can't pump the blood to your brain effectively and can cause a bevy of health issues. Greg handed his skivvy over to Sam Moran, who is now the new "Yellow Wiggle" and has been recuperating at home with his family in Australia.

It does, however appear that Greg is on the mend. In an interview with Glenn Mitchell on ABC, Grandstand in January, 2008, Greg tells Glenn that his doctors think the condition was brought on by another condition Hyperhidrosis, abnormally increased perspiration, in excess of that required for regulation of body temperature. Being a Wiggle for 15 years and doing two shows per day in addition to the excessive perspiration depleted his body of salt and since salt is essential to retaining water, he became dehydrated too easily. This loss of salts and fluids over time totally depleted his body. His doctors believe it could be three to four years before the salt levels build up in his body again. This could mean that we may be hearing from Mr. Page again sometime in the future! You can listen to the Complete Interview Here.

If you're wondering what kind of songs Greg sings for grownups - wonder no longer... You can listen to lots of them here - and if you like them, you can even download them for your iPod! My daughter, Collette's favorites are his renditions of Elvis Presley songs. Greg is a huge fan of Elivs and is one of Australia’s largest Elvis collectors. Greg’s collection is not open to the public, but includes the last Cadillac owned by Elvis, his personal and movie clothing, some of the original TCB (Taking Care of Business) necklaces and much, much more. If you've seen the video Racing to the Rainbow, you might have noticed the Cadillac convertible driven by the "King of the Road"... well that was, indeed one of Elvis'.. and the jumpsuit... an exact replica of one of the "King's". There are even numerous references to "The King" throughout the video.

Yes, Greg Page will definitely be missed by millions of Wiggles fans - maybe I should say Parents - the kids just beginning to love The Wiggles, don't know anyone but Moran as the Yellow Wiggle. But Greg, we Parents do miss you and although you can't Wiggle anymore, we are looking forward to the music continuing.

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