Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Bye, Bye, Bambi...

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Sunday morning had to be right up in the top ten worst mornings in a long time... One Sunday morning a month from May through September, we pack up all the extra "stuff" we've been de-cluttering from around the house and head over to Santa Rosa to sell it at a flea market. This means that I have to get up at 4:45am on a Sunday morning in order to get everyone ready and out the door at 6am. I'm never, ever very happy about getting up so early on a weekend morning, but this particular morning I really didn't want to go.

Lauren had a birthday party to go to at 2pm. I figured Lauren and I could stay home this time, with the thought that she would get to her party on time that way... Eric didn't buy it, so off we went at 6am on a Sunday morning...

I knew it was going to be an awful morning right from the beginning - Every time Eric goes into Starbucks he just somehow can't get my order right (I haven't changed it for years) - so, smarty pants me writes it out for him.... Venti, DECAF, Organic, Peppermint Mocha with 7 pumps of Peppermint, Regular Mocha, No whip. Easy enough when it's written in black & white?? I got a grande, regular, peppermint mocha (they got the no whip right)... So, we headed out for our 1 hour drive....

About twenty minutes before we reached our destination, we're driving along, the sun is now up & I spot a deer coming down a big hill from the right (we were in the slow lane, so the hill was right next to us) - I say "Deer... DEer... DEEERRRRR!!!), Eric swerves to try to avoid said Bambi, and, of course, Bambi comes back toward us and WHAPPPP.... Bambi is travelling with us for several seconds on the front of our mini van, white plastic is flying everywhere.. the girls are screaming.... Collette is crying "You broke Bambi"... Bambi finally flies off and lands in the fast lane - it takes a few seconds to pull over (Eric was going to go off an off-ramp, but I made him pull over there). Luckily, we were around a slight bend, so the girls could not see Bambi lying there. Eric and I get out to see the car and, the entire front grill of the car is gone, the drivers side headlight and turn signal are dangling by their wires... geeeshh!! I guess it could have been worse, it could have flown up into the windshield or gotten stuck under the car... eeeewwww.

By now, I'm totally shaken up and I can hardly speak, but I call 911 (did you know you have to press or say 1 in order to get through once the automated system answers... what if you're really hurt or it's life threatening??). I get through to the highway patrol and they make sure we're all okay and then tell me they're sending an officer out, but (get this)... I might have to take care of the deer myself!! I'm sorry, there is no way in bloody he** that I'm running into the fast lane of traffic on a major freeway to do who knows what with a deer that has been injured and may very well try to hurt me!! So... we wait.... and wait.... 20 minutes later, an officer shows up - he's sort of weird, not nice at all... almost creepy serial killer calm... tells us he doesn't need to file a report because it's considered an "Act of God". He asks us where the deer is and I tell him it should be just behind the bend in the fast lane - but he says it's gone... creepy. He does help us unplug the headlight & turn signal so they aren't just dangling and he goes on his merry way.

Even after all of that, I still can't get out of going to the goofy flea market - off we go, already $$ in the hole as we now have a $500 deductible to pay to get the car fixed...

I knew it was going to be a bad day!

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