Wednesday, October 29, 2008

The Pumpkin Patch

Weight Loss Wednesday has been pre-empted today by my sheer and total panic...

...Please excuse any babbling as I wrote this yesterday afternoon in anticipation of being unable to get to the computer today...

Little Miss Lauren's school had originally planned to have their Halloween parties & parade on Thursday. I happen to be one of the two Room-Mom's assigned to her classroom this year and, along with my co-room-mom have been planning and delegating for weeks. Today, as usual, I took Collette to tutoring and when I returned home, there was a deluge of messages on my answering machine from mothers wondering if the party was still going as planned because everything had been changed.... HUH????

Of course, I ran to the computer and checked my email and, sure enough, everything had been moved to tomorrow! There is a funeral being held Thursday for a teenager (an alumni of the school) who was killed in an auto accident on Sunday evening. Out of respect for the family, the school had decided to close for the day.

Hence, Panic Mode... Calling everyone who had signed up to bring goodies - sending out emails (we're big on emailing every parent in the class at our school).

I THINK everything is going to be okay.... Think Positive... Think Happy Thoughts... Think of your Happy Place....

Soooo... My offering for you this Wacky Pre-Halloween Wednesday is a photo-log of our trip to the Pumpkin Patch that we made on Sunday.

Click to play The Pumpkin Patch

Weight Loss Wednesday will return next week in it's regularly scheduled timeslot...

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1 comment:

lindanuts said...

Looks like an overwhelming sight to young ones! We always enjoy our trip to the patch.
Say, how did you get your premium sponsors into that neat box where each one can be accessed? I would like to be able to put all those buttons in one!