Monday, December 1, 2008

Elfing Around

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What kinds of Christmas traditions do you have in your household? Does Santa communicate with your kids in some way before leaving their gifts on Christmas morning?

At our house, each of my girls get "Santa Tokens" for good behavior each night while they're sleeping from December 1st until Christmas. The "Santa Tokens" are silver hologram wrapped chocolate coins (from Cost Plus Worldmarket) the size and number they get varies depeding upon how good they were the previous day. They're a great daily reminder to be on their best behaviour during the Christmas season.

This year, we're adding another fantastic bit of fun to our "pre-Christmas" traditions. It's called Elfing Around. These little guys are so cute! Basically, the way they work is this:

13 days before Christmas, your child gets a letter from his or her special Elf letting them know that he/she will be arriving soon.

12 days before Christmas, your child will meet his or her very own Elf and the adventures will begin every night from then until Christmas.

Each night, the Elf will be left in an "Adventure" for your child to find the next morning.

On December 24th, your child’s Elf friend should be placed where Santa can find him or her. Santa will return your vacationing elf friend to Lapland, North Pole. (You simply put the elf away until next year).

This is such a cute idea! The Elfs at Elfing Around are complete and ready for fun adventures at your home. Your elf comes complete with tatoos, The Parent Adventure Guide Book, [which includes 12 nightly suggested Elf Adventures (with completed Elf Postcards) that you can set up in 5 minutes or less while your child is asleep. Also included are several blank postcards [in case you’d like to create your own unique adventures] and more!

Here is a testimonial from their site:

The Magic has finally returned to Christmas! My kids (ages 8 and 10) loved their Elves and felt so special that Santa had sent these enchanted friends. Every morning they were so excited to find out what their Elves had been up to while they slept. An annual visit from these Elves will definitely be a tradition in our home. My kids couldn't wait to share their Elf stories with their friends.
- Sarah P.
Make your kiddos Christmas extra special this year with an Elf from Elfing Around

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