Monday, December 1, 2008

"T" is for Thanksgiving, Toothpicks and Toes

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The Thanksgiving weekend was a very eventful one... I'm not talking about eventful in a good way, either...

Yes, Thanksgiving day itself was pleasant enough - no one had any arguments - well, that's not entirely true. My Mother-in-Law made my Grandmother mad by telling her that, at 86 years old, if she wanted people in the family to have some of her things that she never used (old stuff - things that are just packed away in trunks) that she should start giving them to people now or else they just may not get them when she's gone - of course this made Grandma mad and she got the "mad face" (lips scrunched together tightly, eyes down to slits).

Thanksgiving is also hard on the toes... as I was filing up the refrigerator with various canned beverages to chill before guests arrived, one renegade Dr. Pepper can fell out of it's cardboard "fridge pack" and landed, rim-first, on my right middle toe. There was lots of swearing and about 20 minutes of ice-packing, but it forced me to sit down for a few minutes. All in all it only ended up being an ugly bruise and the day continued.

It is Friday, Black Friday that was the major toe offendeder in my household. We spent the morning recovering from Thanksgiving and then headed over to the theater to catch Bolt - the kids had been asking to see it.

When we returned home later that afternoon, we found the turkey creation that Lauren had made at school scattered all over the house - it was a turkey whose body consisted of modeling clay and his feathers were made of Popsicle sticks withglued on paper feathers stuck in, along with assorted colored toothpicks (I'm not completely sure how the toothpicks resembled feathers, but that's how it came home). We gathered up all the strewn turkey parts and tossed them into the trash, had dinner, pj's etc.

A little later, Little Miss Lauren and I were immersed in a very competitive game of "Don't Break the Ice" when Collette appeared in the doorway holding her foot in the air "Look" she said. From a distance, it appeared as though she had the toothpick between her toes so I said something like "You're so sill" and walked over and began to pull it out... until I felt resistance.. I looked closer and realized she had stepped on the toothpick and it went ALL THE WAY THROUGH HER TOE!!! By the time I realized, I had pulled the toothpick all the way out and quickly started squeezing the toe, expecting gushes of blood. I called Eric and, of course, he wanted to know what I wanted "Just come here... NOW", I told him. When he got there, I finally got the courage to let go of the toe and look at it - it didn't really look that bad, just a few drops of blood and a tiny red mark - nothing like I expected.

Of course, by now, Collette is starting to freak out because I've panicked so Eric sits with her and keeps her calm while I called the health plan's advice nurse. The nurse instructed me to take her to the minor injury clinic at the hospital 30 minutes away. It's now a little after 8pm so Collette and I venture out in the cold, foggy night while Eric stays with Lauren so she can get to bed.

Lauren and I meet my Mom (she lives in the town where the Hospital is located) who came to keep us company during our long wait that would, without doubt ensue. I begin to check her in and the lady at the desk tells me there will be a 3 - 3 1/2 hour wait (just as bad as the ER!) - I have no choice and check her in.

We wait.... and wait... and wait. Sometime after 11:30pm, we are called into the exam room and after another wait, the doctor arrives. He tell us that she should have a tetanus booster (even though she isn't due for another for four more years), and we should just watch the toe for signs of infection as they like to let the body take care of itself when it can. The male nurse comes in to give her the shot and I inform him that it usually takes several people to give her a shot so he calls in the other male nurse on duty and he and I hold her arms still while the original nurse gives her the shot - highly traumatic - highly dramatic. We finally return home at 1am and drop into bed exhausted.

On Sunday morning, her toe is looking kind of red and puffy and it's not looking quite like I would like it to. So off we venture, once again, to the hospital far away to see the pediatrician on call on Sundays. Yes, her toe is infected and they take a culture to see just what is going on and give her a prescription for some high powered antibiotics. The doctor wants her to see a Podiatrist right away the next day (Monday) but I'll have to call to make the appointment myself.

Well, this morning, I called first thing to get Collette in to see the Podiatrist, but they can't see her until Tuesday (they said that since she was on antibiotics, they had 10 days before the HAD to see her). In the meantime, Poor Little Collette is sitting on the couch, alternating between propping her foot up and soaking it in warm water. My poor Little Collette... if anything bad is going to happen, it's going to find her.

Such is the story of the Thanksgiving Turkey, the Toothpick and the Toe - I will keep you updated when we find out more.

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Lisa said...

Yikes on the toothpick!!! I hope she feels better very quick and that there is no lasting injury. My son stepped on a toothpick a couple years ago and it broke off in the sole of his foot. He had to have surgery to remove it. No fun. I am glad you were able to remove it.